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What is Propecia? Propecia hair tablets. Order online

Propecia medication. What is propecia used for?

Active Ingredient: Finasteride.

Propecia is the only drug for the treatment of the male alopecia.

Propecia (Finasteride) - this is a truly unique tablets for baldness. This problem is quite acute rises in front of the middle-aged men. Of course, the disease can not be very dangerous for the body, but it affects on the psychological state very much. Often, due to balding men lose confidence in yourself, and the psichologicycal complexes starts in most cases.

Propecia medication for sale

Often baldness caused by regular stress, diet, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, as well as the genetic predisposition of the organism. There have been cases when the men noticed the first signs of baldness in a fairly early age. However, one of the most common causes of baldness is androgenetic alopecia, which affects about 90% of balding men.

Of course, everyone refers to hair loss in different ways: someone takes it for granted, someone is attempting to deal with hair loss.

With the advent of hair pill "Propecia" the hair regrowth is not so difficult. This new drug performed well in clinical trials and only recently became available in the free market.

Hair loss tablets Propecia is

  • effective in 9 out of 10 men
  • clinically proven to stop hair loss
  • proven to cause hair regrowth from as soon as 3 months

The impact of the drug. One of the causes of baldness in men - the predominance of dihydrotestosterone in the body. Propecia blocks the production. Due to the action of the drug stops dying hair follicles, and as a consequence, their loss. Buy Propecia Online - Propecia also helps restore the scalp, but may take some time for this. After reaching the results it is recommended for some time to use the drug.

Propecia effectiveness

Since finasteride is a truly effective remedy against baldness, it is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Propecia has already received permission to use it in many states, including Russia, the CIS countries.

Propecia effectiveness. How to get propecia?

It is noteworthy that the regular intake of finasteride leads to the renewal of the bulbs that produced fluff hair, and stimulates the growth of high-grade real hair. It is quite natural that the end results may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the human body.

Until now, it was believed that curing androgenetic alopecia with one hundred percent efficacy is possible only in women. The effectiveness of drug therapy for men is usually determined by the stages of the disease according to the Norwood scale from I to VII, and it is recommended to start baldness treatment as early as possible to achieve a greater effect.

Studies have shown that even in advanced cases of baldness, the use of Propecia in most cases allows you to return the lost hair in full, or at least completely prevent further baldness, and preserve the remaining amount of hair.

If you show patience and perseverance, periodically repeat courses of treatment, then after a year, or a little more, you can forget about the problems with alopecia, and you will admire a much more lush and thick hairdo.

Best time to take Propecia

Why should you take Propecia for a long time?

The production of the DHT hormone begins to block immediately after the start of treatment. However, damaged hair follicles need time to restore normal operation. Even healthy hair grows very slowly, somewhere around 1 cm per month, therefore, to replace thinned hair and get a visible improvement, therapy with finasteride is required for several months.

How long for propecia to work?

Therefore, Propecia should be taken daily in a course of three months, or longer. Late termination of therapy can often be accompanied by relapses, it is better to immediately tune in to long-term and successful treatment of baldness.

In case you forgot to take the medicine, just skip this day and continue the course of treatment in the initial dosage. Unauthorized increase in the dose of the drug is unacceptable, since it increases the risk of side effects.

Gradually, you will begin to notice improvements, and after about six months you will see healthy, newly grown hair that will allow you to return a young and fresh appearance.

Does Propecia regrow hair?

As already noted, the main active ingredient of Propecia is finasteride, which became popular in 1992, when it was used in medical practice to treat prostatic hyperplasia. Men treated with baldness with finasteride began to notice increased hair growth in the forehead and the top of the head.

What is the effect of Propecia on the body?

The fact is that an excess of dihydrotestosterone, one of the male hormones necessary at the stage of development and maturation of the male body, leads to alopecia with age. The accumulation of DHT in the hair follicles (follicles) leads to their dystrophy and gradual narrowing, which causes cessation of hair growth and further their dying off.

5-alpha reductase is needed to form dihydrotestosterone, and the active ingredient Propecia, being an inhibitor (blocker) of this enzyme, prevents the formation of DHT in the hair follicles and allows you to successfully combat the cause of baldness.

Reducing the level of DHT is best reflected in the structure and condition of the hair, they acquire a healthy appearance, the ability to grow and replace lost hair is restored.

Propecia hair growth

There is such a thing as androgenic alopecia in men. The first signs of androgenic baldness are a manifestation of bilateral bald patches over the forehead, after a while a bald spot appears that extends from the forehead to the crown. Hence the conclusion that if you take care of yourself in time, by starting to use an effective remedy for hair growth, you can keep a beautiful head of hair. One of these indisputable and effective drugs is Propecia generic.

How effective is propecia?

Propecia - a drug that is able to cope with the difficult task of baldness in men. This drug was approved in 1998 in the United States as a remedy for baldness, but was opened in 1992, initially targeting the prostate gland. Even then, many men noticed the rapid growth of hair in places balding. Currently, generic Propecia is the best-selling anti-baldness drug.

Androgenic alopecia in its early stages manifests itself as diffuse alopecia, which is characterized by loss of 1000 or more hair per day. An indicator of diffuse alopecia is an intense thinning of the scalp. Disturbing hair growth and development cycles leads to diffuse alopecia.

The drug is called Propecia, Finasteride, Finpecia. Propecia is available in the form of tablets, each of which contains 1 mg of finasteride, and the shape of the tablets may be different. This drug helps men cope with androgenic alopecia, but with other problems with hair, this drug is unfortunately powerless.

The secret of Finasteride is its high content of male hormone testosterone, which is the most powerful of the androgen hormones. And testosterone has a positive effect not only on the prostate gland, but also on the sebaceous glands and hair follicles.

Tests that were conducted in clinics for 5 years showed that Finasteride at a dosage of 1 mg quickly and effectively helps to solve the problem of hair loss in men, regardless of nationality, preventing further hair loss. In addition, this drug maximizes the formation of new hair follicles.

Is Propecia prescription only? Propecia without prescription

Can I buy Propecia without a doctor?

In ordinary pharmacies drug Propecia is sold by prescription. This is because the doctor determines the need for treatment with this medication, because, despite its safety, the drug has side effects and contraindications.

And what if you want to buy Propecia without a prescription? Not all men have the time and desire to see a doctor, because the specialist will send you to additional medical examinations that take away strength and money. To date, there are several ways to purchase Propecia without a medical appointment.

One of these ways is to try to get the drug in a private pharmacy chain, which should not be too large. In public pharmacies you can hardly buy Propecia without a prescription, and in private institutions, pharmacists are often more loyal to customers.

The second way is to buy Propecia in online pharmacy! Today it is one of the most popular and convenient ways to order goods.

Buy propecia online without prescription

In this case, you can be sure not only in the trouble-free purchase of the right amount of medication in a certain dosage, but also in complete anonymity. The courier will deliver the goods to you in an opaque package, while no one will know what exactly is in it. This will relieve you of embarrassment and embarrassment.

Do not buy Propecia without a prescription if you are taking any medications: in this case, it is definitely recommended to consult with a specialist about the advisability of taking such a drug.

How to order Propecia without a prescription online?

If you decide to make a purchase online, just go to the online pharmacy website (banner just above) and specify in the order form exactly how many tablets you need. In this case, no one will require your medical appointment. All questions can be addressed to a consultant who will tell about the features of the drug, the rules of its use, cost and other nuances.

Delivery of such medication is carried out by courier or mail, depending on the chosen method, country and locality.

Thus, the drug Propecia is an effective stimulant for improving hair growth and treating male pattern baldness, which is available in ordinary pharmacies by prescription. However, every man has the opportunity to purchase such a medicine without a prescription, you just need to choose a convenient way.

Propecia without a prescription is sold at an affordable price, besides, you can choose not the original drug from the manufacturer, but a generic, which is even cheaper.

Before using this tool is recommended to consult a doctor and identify the presence of contraindications.

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