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Baldness Treatment in men with Propecia

Propecia (Finasteride). The remedy for baldness

Propecia is one of the wonderful medicines for treating baldness. You can buy propecia online at the site of our partner - in a proven online pharmacy.

The problem with hair man sees at once, slightly thinning head of hair simply does not attach importance. High - will start to use cosmetic products for hair care, herbal shampoos, balms. When hair loss becomes more apparent, begin the search for hair growth stimulants, who is trying to resort to folk treatments, explored with friends or on the internet. Of course, you can use extracts of mother-and-stepmother, nettle broth, garlic masks, vinegar and all other folk recipes. They will help to strengthen the scalp, give hair shine, but the amount of hair will not solve the problem, and ultimately baldness wins.

Why did someone manage to keep hair gorgeous even without the special hair care, and at the same time someone spends a lot of time, effort and money, but not the use of expensive cosmetics or traditional methods do not bring results? The whole point of alopecia, or rather in the fact that it can be of different types.

We are talking about hair loss and alopecia, a disease which affects both men and women (although women rarely). Hair loss in some men begins between the ages of 20-25 years (premature baldness mainly through inheritance) and up to 30 years, it progresses, then slows down.


Quicken baldness and diseases of the liver, stomach, thyroid, seborrhea, dandruff, psychogenic factors (divorce, mourning, or moral stress, change of residence or work, etc.), physical exhaustion, insomnia, frantic pace of life in big cities , head trauma, surgery like.

For women, in addition to genetic factors, and the above-mentioned reasons, baldness promote ovarian disease (increased formation of male hormones), menopause, a side effect of certain drugs (and also men), manipulation of the hair (frequent coloring, perming, bleaching).

According to recent studies, up to 60% of a business woman suffered hair loss, and half of them threatens even the total or partial baldness - and all because through the strong stress of business women increased levels of the male sex hormone testosterone (by the way, it is through this, women entrepreneurs suffer from sexual disorders such as frigidity).

Often it is impossible to determine the specific cause of hair loss. Interesting fact: Americans annually spend about $ 3 million to funds from alopecia who send in the mail. We offer you a remedy for baldness in the form perparata Generic Propecia (Finasteride).


Traditional methods of treatment for alopecia:

- Take a fresh young plant nettles and capuchin big, grind in a meat grinder; equal parts of both plants to fill the same amount of alcohol insist 2 weeks in a dark place. For rubbing in the morning and evening.

- Take 100 grams of garlic and fresh ivy leaves, grind to a state of pulp (do not add water). Rub into prolysiny for 5-10 minutes in the morning and evening, every other day. The course of treatment up to a month.

- Take 4 tablespoons of boxwood leaves (growing in parks), pour 2 liters of water, cook for 20 minutes, strain, pour into a bottle. To enhance the growth of hair to rub into the hair roots evening.

- Main recipe: take 60 g of burdock roots to 2 liters of water, cook until evaporation by half, strain, add 4 tablespoons cognac cork. Every day, rub the liquid into the scalp.

Propecia (Finasteride) - a drug for the treatment of male pattern baldness

The drug is designed to treat the most common form of hair loss - androgenetic alopecia in men.

This is the first and only drug in the world, recognized officially in the countries of North America and Western Europe, and recommended for the treatment of male pattern baldness.

Phenomenal results of treatment Propecia: more than 80% of men reported significant hair growth, including in areas where the hair has been completely lost.

No other drug for the treatment of hair loss did not give similar results. Hair loss in men often becomes a real drama.
It is unlikely that there are many areas relating to a person's appearance, which would contain so much emotions, complexes, lost hopes and vain efforts, how many of them were buried in the field trying to grow new hair to replace lost.

The process of hair loss can affect anyone, regardless of gender, age, race and hair color. Hair may fall due to general disease, as a result of the strong shock, allergic reactions, treatment with chemotherapy.
So far, for most types of baldness found adequate therapy, in addition, there are various methods of surgical hair transplantation.

The most persistent and difficult to any therapy was the most common type of hair loss - it is male pattern baldness, which occurs for no apparent reason.

Such baldness is called androgenetic alopecia or male pattern hair loss (OMT). This type of hair loss is due genetically and for a long time, this process was considered irreversible. No means of topical vitamin cocktails, herbal tinctures can not change the simple fact - the cause, cause male-pattern baldness, it lies deep within and is hidden from the eyes of amateurs.

It is believed that men, unlike women, a little worried about the condition of their hair. However, appeals statistics to psychologists and therapists shows the opposite. Androgenetic alopecia often begins at a very young age, when many a person is not yet fully formed and has an increased vulnerability to any traumatic factor.
Inconsistency their appearance youthful ideas about what should be its own form, sometimes leads to severe neuroses, difficulties of social adaptation and the emergence of many other problems.

Help came from some unexpected quarter. Exploring the medicine with active ingredient called Finasteride, trade name Proscar, for the treatment of benign enlargement of the prostate gland, doctors noted his significant impact on hair growth, the effect of a definite plus.

Further studies have shown that Finasteride affects the hormonal metabolism in the male body, and does it in a local point - where the hormone testosterone interacts with the enzyme, located in the hair follicles.
The product of this interaction - the hormone dihydrotestosterone and is the agent that triggers the destruction of the follicles. Under the influence of androgen follicles "cringe", decrease in size and eventually become incapable.
Hair, ceasing to receive power, begin to fall and no longer grow, despite the diverse massages, as well as oils and lapping, which are trying to compensate for the lack of natural food follicles.

Treatment with Propecia for the first time allowed to win a real victory in the fight against male pattern hair loss

Taking one tablet per day of the drug, the patient provides the intake of finasteride in an amount sufficient for it to perform its task - blocking the formation of DHT.

After this hormone ceases to be present in the male begins revival of hair follicles. Hair loss is stopped, begin to grow hair in places now former baldness.

The mechanism of action of Generic Propecia is that, entering the body, it eliminates the root cause of hair loss that causes the effect in some respects better than the hair implantation. Even in the most successful hair transplant surgery, with male-pattern baldness positive result is only temporary.

Indeed, over time the production of DHT in the body and does not stop the transplanted follicles as well as the patient's own follicle, injured with all its known consequences.

Existing data on the use of Propecia in the postoperative period suggest that finasteride ensures the safety of the transplanted follicles, protecting them from the damaging effects of DHT.

Dates of the onset of real improvement in the condition of hair individual, they depend on many factors - the general condition of health, the stage of balding process, the quality of hair, age, and many others.

The sooner treatment is started, so it is effective, but the process renegeratsii follicles occurs in patients with generalized form of baldness, so do not despair. Regular intake of medications, specialist observation - that a successful hair restoration conditions. Renegeratsiya hair, which occurred due to the course of therapy with the use of Propecia, gives a fairly stable condition hair.

Repeated courses of preventive appointed individually by the attending physician. Hair care involves the use of modern, natural health formulations with the aim to maintain the scalp and hair in good condition and to minimize their mechanical trauma. However, it should be noted that no special measures in comparison with the usual competent hair care, hair restoration is not required.


Let's not forget about the hair, let's take care of them, and at the same time watch our health!
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