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How to cure alopecia in men?

Many men over age 30 face a vexing problem: the hair on the head begin to thin and fall hard. Some time later, the crown shaped bald spot, the area of which increases from year to year. Some men solve the problem dramatically - shave off the rest of the hair and flaunt a bald head. However, this option is not for everyone. Few people can boast a perfectly flat skull, and facial features are not for each combined with a hairstyle. Then there is the burning question: Is there an effective treatment of baldness in men? Let's try to answer it.

Why do men lose their hair?

In 95% of men suffer from androgenic alopecia. This type of hair loss in men is associated with the effect on the hair follicles dihydrotestosterone - the active form of testosterone. It is formed by the enzyme 5a-reductase which besides the hair follicles is contained in the cells of the prostate and sebaceous glands. It is dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is responsible for implementing the effects of the male sex steroids: male pattern hair distribution, the development of male sexual organs, increased sebum production.

Normally, 85% of hair follicles are in the active growth phase, 15% at this time rest. DHT causes a change in this ratio in the direction of dormant follicles, so hair loss is beginning to prevail over their growth. Under the influence of the hormone active follicles do not reach their final maturity, produce a weak and delicate hair shaft. If you look at the skin of the scalp under a microscope, you can see immature hair roots - these are the main symptoms of androgenic alopecia.

Baldness in men begins to form from the top or from the temples, because in these areas there are bulbs that are most sensitive to DHT.

There is an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT back - aromatase. It is found in the hair of the occipital area, so they are the least susceptible to loss. In women, the hormone concentration reaches high values, in connection with which they are rarely exposed to androgenic alopecia.

Other causes of baldness in men are rare. It may be the influence of toxic drugs, ionizing radiation, autoimmune diseases or fungal (ringworm).

Is there a cure androgenetic alopecia?

It is believed that if male pattern baldness began, it has no way to stop. In fact, this is not entirely true. Treatments exist, but they will have to deal with long and hard to achieve a meaningful effect. The first effects of antiandrogen therapy become apparent only after a few months of its application. Patients usually throw receive funds from baldness for men who do not see results after the first two treatments.

To avoid such disappointments should be made clear to tune the result and comply strictly with the recommendations of trichologist. The psychological state plays an important role in the treatment of baldness in men. Against the background of stress and depression, even effective technique is unlikely to take on a momentum to be effective.

Treatment of androgenetic alopecia include:

  • specific methods - antiandrogen drugs;
  • non-specific methods - activation of hair follicles.

What is ADT?

This treatment of baldness in men drugs that inhibit the synthesis of DHT from testosterone. Held it drugs and folk remedies. They are able to slow down hair loss, but does not restore the former head of hair density. To stimulate hair growth additionally used nonspecific methods.

Mechanism of action of anti-androgen drugs is inhibition of (turn off) of the enzyme 5a-reductase. Unfortunately, most of them have non-selective action and effect on the enzyme at all points of application. This leads to the development of side effects in males as reduction of libido and erectile dysfunction, impaired formation of spermatozoa breast enlargement. Therefore, these drugs can be taken only on doctor's advice.

To date, the most selective effect (affects only the bulb) has a remedy for baldness for men Finasteride. Initially he tried to apply for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, for these purposes, he was ineffective. But it has been observed that patients who regularly take finasteride baldness speed is significantly decreased.

The drug is taken orally at a dose of 0.005-5 mg / day for two years. Producing it in pill form and are sold strictly on prescription. The first results appear after 3-6 months of regular admission. The effect is achieved at least 70% of men, most of them point out that most Finasteride acts on the scalp to the forehead and crown.

Side effects occur in a small part of the people and reduced during the first year of treatment.

Are there any analogues of Finasteride?

Stop effect of DHT on hair follicles can not only by inhibiting 5a-reductase. Basically, the discovery of other anti-androgen mechanisms occurred by accident, in the course of clinical trials of drugs of different groups. Consider drugs able to eliminate male pattern baldness.


This sex steroids from which subsequently occurs the synthesis of testosterone and estrogens. It does not cause hair growth, but slows down hair loss. In men, it is used for topical administration as an ointment.

The drug to lower cholesterol in the blood. It has a weak anti-androgenic effect, but can enhance the effects of other drugs.


The drug, which blocks androgen receptors. In men, its use leads to the development of side effects, so it is used in small doses and only locally. Often it is mixed with minoxidil - hair growth activator for the combined effects on the hair follicles.

To reduce the severity of side effects from treatment of men further antiandrogenic drugs administered L-arginine. In the body it is converted to nitric oxide, which is necessary for the occurrence of an erection. To enhance the sex drive is used yohimbe bark extract.

How to stimulate hair growth?

To date, the most effective way to stimulate the growth of hair is the local application of the drug minoxidil. It is available as a lotion that is applied to the roots of several times a day. It is quickly absorbed, odorless and non-toxic. Due to this, minoxidil is simple and easy to use, requires no prescription.

When administered drug has a strong hypotensive effect, once it has been used to treat hypertension. However, it caused a large number of side effects, among which was hypertrichosis - increased growth of hair all over the body. So, the idea of topically applied minoxidil to treat baldness, to prevent its side effects.

Causes of action of minoxidil is still unclear. The effect is associated with the expansion of blood vessels in the scalp and hair follicles gain power. However, 10 years of clinical trials have confirmed that the drug actually stimulates follicles transition into an active phase.

Minoxidil treatment gives the first results in 4-12 months after the beginning of its application. Most effective against it starting baldness when baldness was formed only on the top. The action lasts for as long as you use the drug. Cancel it leads to the resumption of baldness.

There are other drugs that can restore hair growth on the head.


This drug precursor of vitamin A - trans retinoic acid. Vitamin A stimulates skin renewal, increases collagen synthesis and slows its age-related changes. Therefore it has the same effect on the hair follicle cells. In addition, vitamin A extends active phase of hair growth, especially in combination with minoxidil.

Copper-containing peptides

Hair follicles contain relatively large amounts of copper, which has guided researchers to the idea of its necessary for hair growth. It is used for the synthesis of the pigment, fight free radical oxidation is involved in energy metabolism of cells.

Androgenic alopecia in men leads to the fact that the hair growth phase is shortened, and the bulbs themselves are small and underdeveloped. Copper stimulates the synthesis of substances necessary for the maintenance of the follicle in the active phase. Therefore it scalp enrichment causes the hair fall and begin to lower their enhanced growth. Moreover, copper is capable of inhibiting the 5a-reductase and reduce the level of DHT in the skin.

For the treatment of alopecia produced drug Tricomin, which is composed of copper-containing peptides.

Do folk remedies help?

The ability to inhibit 5-alpha reductase and found in certain plant materials. This effect is the polyunsaturated fatty acids found in various types of oils. Alopecia in men will become less pronounced, if you use:

  • - black currant oil;
  • - borage oil;
  • - evening primrose oil;
  • - jojoba oil;
  • - avocado oil.

The extract of nettle is also able to reduce the 5a-reductase activity, so it was used since ancient times as a means to strengthen the hair. In combination with the extract of African plum it is part of the preparation Proscar, which is recommended for the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia and alopecia prevention.

In Europe and America for a long time known the nutritional supplement Permixon, which is able to stop the incipient baldness. It comprises a plant extract that is extracted from the fruit of Palmetto Saw Palmetto. It grows on the Atlantic coast of the United States and has been known for its anti-androgenic action even Aborigines. The plant extract inhibits 5a-reductase and prevents the penetration of DHT in the hair follicle cells. The additive is also used for comprehensive treatment of BPH.

Vitamin B6 is able to reduce the sensitivity of hair follicles to DHT, so hair loss in men can be treated with shampoos and formulations containing brewer's yeast. Its effect is enhanced when used together with zinc pyrithione.

What if nothing works?

In this case, can only resort to a radical solution of the problem - the plastic surgery. There are several effective techniques, the use of which allows you to restore the growth of hair on the head.
Plastic surgery to remove areas of baldness

It is possible only if the bald head has a very small size. The surgeon simply cuts the hairless portion and then tightens each other and the stitches skin grafts, covered with hair.
Patchwork plastic

The surgeon cuts out from the occipital zone flap width of 1-2 hair follicles, and then turns it on and transplant frontoparietal zone hairline.

Subcutaneous expanders

This technique allows you to stretch the portion of the scalp, covered with hair, and then it can be used for transplantation in the bald head. To this end, under the skin of the head is placed a small device in the form of an inflatable pocket, the scope of which gradually, day by day increase. The method is effective only if the baldness is small.

The transplantation of artificial hair (microfiber)

Is performed using special equipment that makes pinholes in the skin and implanting hair in it. The method is attractive for its speed - a man goes after the operation with the hair. But he often develop side effects such as rejection of microfiber, suppuration, scarring of the scalp. Such hair does not grow and eventually fall out.

Autotransplantation of hair follicles

The method consists in the redistribution of healthy hair follicles in the bald areas of the scalp. Hair taken from the occipital area or a beard and mustache.

As you can see, there are lots of options on how to stop hair loss in men. The main thing - to be patient and be assured of a successful outcome.


Let's not forget about the hair, let's take care of them, and at the same time watch our health!
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