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Bald patches in men

Hair loss, as a rule, occurs symmetrically and takes shape, bald patches. Bald patches (High temple) in men are very common and can differ in location, there are bald patches on the forehead, temples and back of the head, in 95% of cases they arise due to hereditary alopecia. If the man in the family has relatives with thinned hair, then most likely it will be passed on to the future generation, it is possible both on the line of the father and on the mother's line. Bald patches and a small amount of hair in the parietal zone - a common picture of hereditary baldness. It occurs even at a fairly young age, in the end, by the age of 25-39, a man can significantly grow bald. To this type of balding men are more inclined, therefore it is called "male" baldness.

Bald patches can be expressed more strongly or weaker than in relatives. If the father has a bald head - this does not mean that the son will have the same thing, hair thinning may not be significant if the treatment is started on time. Bald patches in men is much more noticeable than in women, this is due to the fact that the hair follicles prone to prolapse are more hectic. For the different degrees of baldness in men the Norwood classification is used. It is necessary to understand in what stage of alopecia the patient is, and what will be the further stages of development of bald patches without proper treatment.

development of bald patches

If you notice at an early stage that you have a bald patch, then most likely the hair will be saved. The less hair remains on the frontal part, the more difficult it is to restore, because the follicles of the affected hair are covered with dermis and can not be restored.

In today's world, there are a lot of expensive and not always effective ways to treat bald head. But, oddly enough, an expensive method is not always the most effective. Since the 80s of the 20th century in America, Minoxidil (Rogaine) has been successfully used to treat bald head and hair restoration. The cost of preparations based on minoxidil is incomparable with the cost of hair transplantation or laser therapy. However, the effectiveness of Minoxidil (Rogaine) has been proven by hundreds of trials and thousands of people who successfully use minoxidil for the treatment of bald spots.

What if the treatment was not started at the earliest stage? In such cases, you should not give up, as in the late and early stages of the appearance of the bald head minoxidil works great. There are special ranges of drugs with an increased percentage of minoxidil, which are designed specifically for the severe stages of alopecia. However, even this may not be enough, so to enhance the effect of using a dermoroller (mesoroller). When using the dermoroller on the skin invisible micro-punctures of the upper layer of the skin are formed, due to which minoxidil freely penetrates to the hair follicles and exerts the strongest positive effect on their growth.

bald head minoxidil

When you have problems with hair, then it's worth taking responsibility to choose a hairstyle. If you have bald patches, preference should be given to a short haircut, because when walking and wind the flaws will be visible, no matter how you hide them. And a little digression. Psychologists characterize men with bald head as strong-willed and contented nature, not interested in the opinions of others. Do not get upset, many famous men have the same feature and are popular with women around the world.

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