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The main causes of hair loss in women after 50 years, tactics and duration of treatment

hair loss in women after 50Hair loss in female representatives suggests that in the body there are certain changes that are associated with age.

The reasons can be quite a lot. But at the age of about 50 years there is a certain number of common factors, because of which a woman begins to feel the loss of hair on her head.


Causes of hair loss in women after 50 years

Methods of treatment




Change in therapy depending on the degree of alopecia

Causes of hair loss in women after 50 years

Representatives of medicine are confident that hair loss in women after 50 years is due to the onset of the climatic period.

The fact is that at this age begins menopause, as a result of which the body actively undergoes "adjustment" hormonal character, which are closely related to the beginning of hair cutting.

First of all, the number of such elements as estrogens decreases, and the level of dihydrotestosterone begins to increase.

The last hormones significantly weaken hair, and also make the strands very thin. Starts an imbalance of hormonal elements, baldness develops.

Causes of hair loss on the head in women after 50:

hair loss in women1. Depressive state, frequent stresses, psychological stress. Such moments adversely affect all body systems, so the body weakens, and hair receives few nutritional elements.

2. Staining. Usually, this process is accompanied by failure. The fact is that when using poor-quality paints or staining a bad master, alopecia is provoked, which causes hair loss.

3. External factors, among which we note the hot weather conditions, cold, wind and others, similar moments. Long stay under the influence of these factors leads to hair loss.

4. Loss of blood. This option also plays a huge role and leads to a weakening of the skin.

5. Menopause.

Methods of treatment

In order to correctly and accurately prescribe treatment, as well as establish the type and causes of hair loss in women after 50.

Treatment options:

1. Calming, with the help of which the correction of stress is carried out.

2. Therapy with restorative character.

3. Admission of special vitamins, which are taken to eliminate the risk of hair loss.

4. Rubbing certain products into the scalp.

5. PUVA is a treatment that is performed by irradiating a certain part of the head.

6. Professional cosmetics for hair.

7. Cryomassage.

8. Traditional medicine.

9. Mesotherapy, which is carried out by the method of introducing hair growth stimulants.


This method is very effective in the case of a rule of matched complex therapy. Thanks to a unique, individual program, you can forget about baldness.

To do this, it is important to contact the representative of medicine, and in particular to the trichologist. This doctor will help to make a special program that will eliminate all the risks of hair loss.

Among the methods of treatment of hair loss in women 50 years old, we note:

- internal;

- external.

In the first case, the eradication of the problem occurs with the help of medicines, the intake of biological supplements, a complex of multivitamins, as well as various phyto preparations. The second option is the use of nutrients, by directly applying them to the skin.

Physiotherapy procedures have a beneficial effect on the body, they have a beneficial effect.


1. Point effect on the affected area.

2. Security.

3. Absence of those or other allergic reactions to such processes.

4. Combination with other treatment options.

5. Long-term health effect.

6. Application regardless of age.


1. Electrostimulation - the impact of pulses on the walls of blood vessels. This method restores the normal functioning of the skin, reduces the number of fat cells, and restores the hormonal background.

2. Darsonvalization. This method is characterized by the effect of high voltage on the cells, as a result of which the activity of nerve endings is blocked. Excellent performance in the fight against seborrheic alopecia.


3. Iontophoresis is a process during which the introduction of drugs that positively affect the bulbs and layers of the skin. With the help of this method, blood circulation under the skin is accelerated, cell separation processes and metabolism are stimulated.

4. Cryotherapy is considered a process that is very similar to head massage. With its help you can get real success in the treatment of this or that form of hair loss. Experts recommend the use of this species in oily seborrhea, as well as alopecia areata.

5. Vacuum massage is carried out using special jars. This is a well-known procedure that can be easily done at home. With these actions, blood circulation is easily improved, and toxins are also released.

IMPORTANT: only a doctor will be able to choose the right kind of treatment!


Basically, when considering drug treatment, it is worth noting the taking of tablets. Such drugs work to eliminate the lack of vitamins, as well as other elements in the body.

Remedies for the treatment of hair loss in womenRemedies for the treatment of hair loss in women after 50 years:

1. Biotin;

2. Zinc sulfate;

3. Neurobex.

Each of them differs by its constituent components, therefore it is appointed depending on which element is missing in the body.

Among the preparations, which include a full complex of vitamins, we note:

1. Perfectil;

2. Pantovigar;

3. Others.


Among cosmetics there are also many options that effectively combat the problem of hair loss:

- shampoos;

- masks;

- conditioners.

In particular, the first type should be carefully selected.

Pay attention to the fact that the shampoo does not include sulfates, parabens, which have a negative effect on the hair.

Masks also play an important role, so it is recommended to use them at least once a week.

Change in therapy depending on the degree of alopecia

When the initial stages of treatment is to monitor this process.

stages of treatmentIf the weakest methods do not help to restore the normal condition of the skin on the head, it is necessary to consult a doctor, using special procedures, laser methods, to increase the method of treatment and also to observe the positivity of its effect.

The length of the treatment period depends on many factors. First of all, from the cause, as well as from the methods of treatment. But, in any case, this procedure should be carried out for a full term, without interruptions.

Representatives of the medical profession are urged to conduct the treatment until the moment of full recovery.

All of the above facts indicate that at the beginning of the process of hair loss, it is mandatory to see a doctor and establish the exact cause. Also, the specialist will recommend you special means or complex therapy - it all depends on the factors, extent and nature of the disease.

In any case, do not engage in self-medication, as this can only exacerbate the situation. It should be remembered that there are many options for treatment and each is selected individually.


Let's not forget about the hair, let's take care of them, and at the same time watch our health!
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