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Does propecia really work?

Many patients turn to doctors with a problem of hereditary form of baldness. What is it? Disease, called in medicine by genetic alopecia. The disease occurs in most of the world's population at different ages and provokes the process of hair loss on the frontal or the parietal zone. The causes of this disease can be different factors, but clearly one thing is certain: alopecia is accompanied by a sharp increase in testosterone levels in the body in the patient.

Propecia - that's the right decision in this situation. The drug produces prevention, as well as treatment of all forms of the disease. The efficacy and safety of the agent is confirmed in clinical settings. It is also proved that Propecia has no obvious side effects.


How long does propecia take to work?

Can women take propecia?

Propecia results (reddit)

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Propecia sexual side effects

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How long does propecia take to work?

It is recommended to use Propecia for three months. Not many people know that an increase in the amount of testosterone in the blood and its active effect contribute to the disruption of the process of feeding the scalp. And this, respectively, can lead to complete discoloration and hair loss. This is how the bald patches begin to develop. They are usually formed on the frontal part of the head.

In the process of regular reception Propecia affects the process of increasing testosterone levels, contributing to the elimination of connective tissue between the hair follicles. Moreover, this drug does not cause side effects and has a minimum number of contraindications. Some patients complain that after receiving Propecia they do not observe a tangible result for a long time. I will explain. As you know, to update the hairline it takes time: on average, hair grows at a rate of one centimeter per month. Here also count.

To detect a visible improvement, the patient needs to wait at least one month. Doctors recommend using Propecia for three months. This is the time it takes to cover your bald head with more than just fluff, and real healthy hair. If during this period you have not noticed any improvement, it is worthwhile to see a doctor. Perhaps the cause of the appearance of bald patches is not a hereditary factor, but a negative impact of the external environment.

Take the drug once a day on the pill regardless of the time you eat. Unbeknownst to a doctor, changing the dosage of the medicine is strictly prohibited.

Some patients in the pursuit of rapid action ignore this rule, as a result of which, by own example, its side effects are felt:

1. slight malaise;

2. dizziness;

3. headache.

In most cases, the effect of Propecia is achieved after two months, but the first signs of hair restoration may appear in a few weeks.

Can women take propecia?

Propecia is the best way to cope with early baldness in the male half of humanity. However, it is necessary to emphasize that the drug is banned for use by women. Especially when it comes to pregnancy or lactation. Side effects in this case can be the most sad, up to the development of malformations in the child. It is strongly recommended that patients consult a competent specialist before starting treatment.

Important information. Propecia should never be taken by women or children. Finasteride can be absorbed through the skin, and in women and children they cause undesirable consequences. Therefore, this contingent is strictly forbidden to take tablets Propecia. If Propecia is used by a woman during pregnancy, this can lead to birth defects in the baby. Therefore, during pregnancy or during conception, this medicine should not get on the skin of the expectant mother. If, for some reason, Propecia gets on the skin of a woman, it is necessary to immediately treat the skin with soap and rinse with water.

Propecia results (reddit)

According to the results of the studies, Finasteride is much more effective than placebo. Placebo - any substance not possessing properties of a medicine, but outwardly similar to a medicine. Placebo is used in studies devoted to the study of the effectiveness of drugs in the treatment of certain diseases: one group of patients are given real medicine, and the other group - placebo, while patients in the second group are sure that they receive the real medicine.

Comparison of the results of treatment in both groups allows to determine which of the treatment effects are directly related to the action of the drug.

After the first year of treatment hair loss is observed in 99% of men (1% hair loss continues).

Restoration of hair in areas where they have already fallen out, occurs to an insignificant extent in 30% of men. In 18% of hair restoration is evaluated as "pronounced" and "significant".

As in the case of Minoxidil (another cure for alopecia), the best results of treatment are found in men who have not yet developed their baldness to a large extent (it began less than 10 years ago).

To improve the effectiveness of treatment, some experts recommend that their patients combine Finasteride with Minoxidil. Finasteride is an androgenic drug that was originally developed as an antitumor agent for the prostate.

After numerous clinical studies, Finasteride has been shown to be effective in combating male pattern baldness.

The drug does not allow the conversion of testosterone into a hormone that is harmful to bulbs, which helps the growth of follicles. As a result, hair loss in men is significantly reduced. In 6 months after the termination of reception of Propecia, you will lose about half or one third of the hair that has grown due to Propecia. After 12 months of stopping the drug, you will lose all previously restored hair.

The amount of hair that can be restored after the resumption of taking the drug depends on the length of the interval between stopping the reception and its resumption. If the interval lasted for more than a year, it is unlikely that it will be possible to return the lost amount of hair lost during a break in the course. Propecia is taken orally and works systematically.

Propecia before and after pics

Finasteride is an androgenic drug that was originally developed as an antitumor agent for the prostate.

After numerous clinical studies, Finasteride has been shown to be effective in combating male pattern baldness. The results of applying Propecia you can see in the pictures. The drug does not allow the conversion of testosterone into a hormone that is harmful to bulbs, which helps the growth of follicles. As a result, hair loss in men is significantly reduced (see images).

Does propecia really work?

The drug suppresses the activity of dehydrotestosterone, which stops the development of benign hyperplasia in the prostate gland. The proliferation of tissues ceases, the gland decreases in size, and the symptoms of the disease are eliminated. In men, the rate of urinary outflow increases, and the frequency of urination is restored.

Propecia sexual side effects

According to a special study recently published in the popular American medical journal covering the issues of sexual medicine (the Journal of Sexual Medicine), one of the most popular anti-alopecia drugs, known as propecia, is capable of provoking erectile dysfunction. However, the study specifies that such harmful effects for the male body are not immediately apparent, but only after some time after the drug has already stopped taking.

Doctors must say that one of the main components of propecia (the so-called active ingredient) is finasteride, which in itself is an antitumor hormone drug. Doctors for a long time knew, that finasteride is capable to cause strong forms of an impotence and to provoke an aggravation of other problems connected with sexual health of men. Finasteride reduces the intensity of conversion of the male sex hormone testosterone to another, more potent hormone, dihydrotestosterone.

The fact is that this biologically active form of testosterone is one of the causes of male pattern baldness. In addition, with the increased formation of dihydrotestosterone from testosterone, it is possible to increase the likelihood of developing such a dangerous disease as prostate cancer and other serious problems, including impotence.

Generic propecia cost

In the online store you can buy Propecia not only quickly, but also cheap. Due to saving money for renting a room, employees' salaries and promotional activities in online pharmacies, it is possible to change the cost of drugs to a smaller side.

Internet pharmacies take care of every client and do not make big accruals on medicinal products. On such sites you have the opportunity to purchase a baldness remedy for about $0.57 per tablet. And now let's compare how much Propecia costs in usual pharmacies: from 1 to 5 dollars per tablet. As you can see, the difference is significant. Entrust your health to leaders in the pharmaceutical market!

How to buy propecia online?

Do not know how and where to buy tablets Propecia in the pharmacy? Some online stores offer the best hair loss products! Such online pharmacies guarantee high service at the lowest prices. Spending free time, constant queues in pharmacies, the need to talk about their problems to strangers, as well as the risk of buying a poor-quality product - all this can be avoided by contacting the online pharmacy for help.

How to buy propecia online

Among other advantages you will get:

1. Home delivery service. You have the opportunity to issue a self-delivery or order Propecia with delivery. At the appointed time, the courier will deliver the medicinal products to the specified address.

2. Convenient payment terms. For convenience of all clients online pharmacies accept payment for the goods through several payment systems. You independently choose an acceptable method of payment.

3. Information. The Internet allows you to get acquainted with the detailed characteristics of Propecia. Ordinary pharmacies do not have the ability to provide such a service, and pharmacists can only say a few words about the product you have chosen.

4. Wide assortment. In addition to the anti-alopecia remedy, online stores offer a large selection of other medicinal products. All goods are in stock.

5. Psychological comfort. Worried about what other people think about you? Having made an order on the site, you can be sure that nobody will know about your problem. The online store guarantees the strict confidentiality policy.

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