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This medication is used for the treatment of hair loss in men. It reduces the amount of DHT that is produced in the body. The main component of Finpecia is finasteride. Finasteride is an inhibitor of intracellular enzyme.

General information about Finpecia

For most men, there is a more or less pronounced genetic hypersensitivity to DHT and therefore predisposed to hair loss. Nearly half of all under thirty years of men suffering from androgenic alopecia and with age takes the problem to becoming stronger. Although so many men are affected, and the male hair loss has no clinical relevance, it may burden the psyche of a man immensely. Thus affected men often feel old and unattractive, which can lead to reduced self-esteem, dissatisfaction and even depression. From this situation stride Affected happy to help themselves and try to stop the hair loss shampoos, tinctures, vitamins etc.. Because these agents do not tackle the root cause of hair loss, they are usually only moderately effective.

Fortunately, there are for all men affected by androgenic alopecia good news: Finpecia! This medicine contains the active ingredient finasteride, a selective inhibitor of the enzyme steroid 5α-reductase. By inhibiting this enzyme, the process of conversion of testosterone to DHT described above is interrupted. Thus, the shortening of the growth phase is stopped. Men who buy Propecia, benefit from this drug combats the physiological cause of androgenetic alopecia and eliminated the hated problem effectively and reliably.

How successful is Finpecia?

Studies have shown that the hair loss in most men already clearly stabilized a few months after you start taking Propecia. The growth periods are getting longer, there are less hair and self-esteem of man rises. Moreover, seen in some men after prolonged treatment with finasteride, the active ingredient in Propecia, even a regrowth of hair restoration.

It is important to take Finpecia regularly and permanently is because once the medicine is stopped, it is again for the conversion of testosterone to DHT and the dreaded androgenic alopecia are picked up again. Men who want to keep their head hair in the long run, should therefore take Propecia long term and do not interrupt the therapy possible. In particular, those men whose hair loss is not very advanced, will benefit from a permanent taking Propecia.

Buy Finpecia and take advantage of low prices

Because of androgenic hair loss is usually not recognized as a disease in men, the cost of taking the drug finasteride are not usually covered by health insurance, but must be worn by the patient himself. The good news is that the cost of Finpecia are very low. This is due to the fact that Finpecia is a generic product, ie a medicine that contains exactly the same active ingredient as the original drug (in this case "Propecia"), but is much less expensive to purchase. This is possible after the end of market exclusivity the original manufacturer. To benefit men who buy Finpecia, a drug that is as effective as the original drug, but available at a fraction of the price of Propecia. Those who buy Finpecia, can get his head hair in the long run and does not have this deep into their pockets.

Consumer information about Finpecia

The manufacturer of Finpecia is the Indian company Cipla.
Finpecia is available in a blister pack with 10 unflavored white film-coated tablets. Each tablet contains 1 mg finasteride and corresponds to a usual daily dose. Propecia can be taken fasting with a meal or. Taking Always place at the same time of day. A first effect is seen after about two to three months of taking Finpecia. To achieve a lasting effect, the drug should be taken consistently, since the androgen-induced hair loss ceases after discontinuation of the preparation.
This medicine should be stored at room temperature, protected from moisture and kept away from children. Finpecia is only suitable for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. In other forms of hair loss, e.g. diffuse, circular, stress, infection-or seasonal hair loss or hair loss due to treatment with cytotoxic drugs (chemotherapy) or other drugs, Finpecia is not suitable.

Finpecia is approved for use in men. Women, particularly pregnant women, Finpecia may not use because the drug can cause genetic defects in male fetuses.

Since the active ingredient of Finpecia is engaged in the hormonal balance, Finpecia is only available on prescription. Before you buy Finpecia, you should consult a doctor who can assess whether Finpecia for you or is not suitable.

As a side effect of taking Finpecia a slight feeling of tension is observed in the chest in some patients. Approximately eight percent of patients experience erectile dysfunction to start taking that usually regress with time by itself. In even rarer cases, it may come in the first year of taking a loss of sexual desire and / or a reduction in the ejaculate. For long-term intake of Finpecia medical check liver function tests is recommended, as certain values can be increased.

Finpecia 1 mg

Finpecia is used at a dose of 1mg / day under the trade name Finpecia 1 mg for over ten years in the treatment of investment-related hair loss of the man (AGA, androgenetic alopecia, androgenetic alopecia).

Finpecia 1 mg hemmmt selectively the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase type II and thus the transformation of the male sex hormone testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is the main reason besides the hereditary predisposition for androgenetic alopecia. By inhibiting the enzyme, the levels of DHT in the serum (blood) is reduced by approximately 70%. Within several years ongoing international studies in over 1,500 men a stop of progressive hair loss and about 65% even a compression of the head hair by a thickening previously shrunken hair was achieved in about 80% of users. Moreover, it was shown in international multicenter studies over five years, that the hair loss over this period at 9 can be stopped by 10 men and out more than 6 in 10 men an increase in hair density.

Due to the natural period of the hair cycle therapy of at least 3-6 months is required before an improvement is visible. If the treatment is stopped, the hair loss resumes its predetermined by hereditary predisposition history. The intake of the preparation must therefore be durable with a tablet (1 mg finasteride), at least as long as an effect on the scalp is to be achieved. A regular medical examination is essential during this period.

Adverse effects on sexual function occurred during the trials in less than 4% of those treated auf.Sie were usually temporary or disappeared after treatment withdrawal.

Tablets with Finpecia 1 mg (Propecia originator and generic products) are available by prescription, but the cost of treatment will not be covered by health insurance. Prescribers must exhibit a so-called private prescription here so. The therapy is designed exclusively for men. Children, women and especially pregnant women should not take Finpecia 1 mg.


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