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Genetic predisposition or disease? - Hair loss in men: the types of baldness, the causes and means of struggle

Men very often face the problem of hair loss, in the people it is often called alopecia.

According to statistics, sooner or later every second man learns about this disease, and in five out of ten hair will begin to thinner after 25 years.

How to prevent hair loss in men, and avoid their loss? - Read in this article.


What is hair loss in men?

Types of alopecia

Causes and risk factors

What methods of treatment exist?

Means to fight the disease

Folk remedies: pluses and minuses

How long is the treatment?

The conclusion

What is hair loss in men?

Recently, doctors trihologami was announced the theory that alopecia is increasingly found in young guys.

In recent years, even adolescents who have not reached the age of 18, who lack a genetic predisposition to such problems, turn to a doctor with a similar problem.

Stop this non-stop process by anyone, but that's only to use hair loss shampoos, as well as serums, balsams, lotions will probably not be enough.

You need to understand the reasons that became the basis of hair loss and in a timely manner do everything necessary to stop and prevent this process. By the way, do not confuse prolapse - as a disease and as a seasonal sign, in consequence of a lack of vitamins.

The fact that hair falls out constantly, can be considered a natural process. On the head, they live an average of 3 years, then drop out and thus give way to new ones. All life follicles of a person are updated, while growing from 25-30 new rods.

The rate of hair loss per day in men is 50-100 hairs, but if this figure is much larger, one can consider the pathological form of manifestation of the disease, which must necessarily be treated. If you notice the hairs on the pillow, on the collar, in the bathroom after taking a shower, you should seriously think about going to the trichologist.

Types of alopecia

The following types of alopecia are presented to your attention:

1. Androgenetic type.

This is the most frequent reason, based on heredity. In the male body, testosterone is active, which, when disintegrated, can cause side effects, which is reflected in DHT.

Increasing its percentage in the body affects hair badly, because of this, they cease to grow normally and drop out before the due date. Exposed to the hormone is the frontal-parietal zone, but men initially have hair on the vertex and the first line of hair growth.

It is this that causes the region of the temples and occiput to remain the same as they were before. A transplant in this case, if it is rational to choose a method, it is desirable to carry out, it will bring the desired result in the most desperate cases. Treatment is aimed at strengthening the hair, which remained in the healthy zone and the restoration of those that were in the problem area.

2. Diffuse type.

This disease more often affects women - women. All the hair on the head falls evenly. Among the reasons that are underlying: a change in the hormonal background, diseases associated with the functioning of the thyroid gland, infectious and inflammatory processes that have already developed into a chronic form, as well as skin disease. This includes androgenic factors, they only complicate the situation.

Hair transplant, in this situation, is carried out with the utmost care. All because resorting to transplantation, it will be difficult to achieve the desired desired density, cosmetologists and hairdressers will solve only the visual problem. But in some cases this is exactly what men want. More details about modern methods of transplantation, including the non-surgical technique and the price of this procedure, you can find on our website. This type of disease requires constant treatment, otherwise the situation will only worsen over the years.

3. Nest type.

It is manifested by a number of zones (foci) of alopecia, which can be located not only on the head. With the development of the disease, small foci will begin to merge, and enlarged zones of hair loss are formed. Trichologists distinguish many causes of such alopecia manifestations - from craniocerebral trauma to infectious disease, causes can also result from diseases of an autoimmune nature.

Today it is difficult to establish the main factor that provokes the onset of the disease. Hair transplantation should be carried out exclusively using a non-surgical technique (minimal intervention) in the event that the zones do not "spread" and do not form new areas of hair loss.

4. Scar alopecia.

Hair follicles begin to become inflamed and scar tissue appears. Such a disease is extremely rare - only in 1 person out of 100. It is based on skin and infectious diseases, sometimes such hair loss can be a consequence of the presence of cancerous tumors, as well as thermal and chemical burns, scars and scars that were caused by trauma , or as a result of surgical intervention. In recent years, scarring alopecia is manifested in those guys who used to wear dreadlocks.

Causes and risk factors

The reasons that affect hair loss in men include:

1. Infectious diseases. All infectious ailments, especially those that provoke fever, can cause hair loss. Sometimes a man may not even know about a chronic infection of an infectious nature, which imperceptibly perniciously affects his body for many years;

2. Stressful situations. Psychologists and neuropathologists have long noticed the pattern of hair loss during a stressful situation. During this period, there are spasms that negatively affect the blood flow, small vessels of the scalp are no exception. As a result, follicles do not receive the necessary nutrition, their growth slows down and the process of dying out accelerates. Read also an article about psychosomatics and hair loss on our site;

3. Violations of the hormonal background and genetic changes.

Androgenetic alopecia can be met in 98% of men and women. This kind is caused by an incorrect distribution of hormones, there is also a direct genetic predisposition. The foci mainly appear on the forehead or crown.

From the very beginning, the bulbs become very thin, then the hair itself breaks down and becomes shorter, it looks like a fluff, and after a few weeks it disappears completely. Trichologists distinguish several stages of the ailment: initially the hair thinens at the temples and forehead, bald spots form, then the hair begins to thinning on the crown. And at the last stage all the foci merge together;

4. Unbalanced nutrition.

Do you eat the wrong foods throughout the day? This is the reason for the lack of vitamins and minerals, as a result, the work of the whole body is weakened, it seems like it is getting out of the necessary rhythm. Deficiency of vitamins E, C and B, lack of iron - the most common cause of hair loss.

To diagnose the disease and determine its type, you need the help of a trichologist. To save time before going to him, take tests for the presence of infectious diseases in the body and the level of hormones. So, how to deal with hair loss in men? Read more about this.

What methods of treatment exist?

1. Medical techniques, as a panacea for hair loss;

2. Physiotherapy;

3. Ionophoresis;

4. Electrostimulation (myostimulation).

Means to fight disease

As part of professional products that can be purchased in the cosmetic department of any store, many active components that improve blood circulation, stimulating the active phase of growth.

They feed the hairs when the fallout has caused seasonal exposure to negative factors - for example, the autumn lack of minerals or the stress experienced.

But before applying such cosmetics, carefully read the composition and take a few minutes to read the instructions.

If among all components you read the word "minoxidil", prepare that stopping the use of shampoo, your hair will start falling even faster than before. In addition, incorrectly selected means develop dermatitis or cause dandruff, up to seborrhea.

ATTENTION! If your body no longer has enough strength to fight with all causes of hair loss, get a pharmacy complex of vitamins and microelements.

Get hair loss remedies for men whose components are aimed at activating metabolic processes: aminexil, tricomin, TRX2, and an antifungal agent: Nizoral. About that which help pills from hair loss in men read here.

Folk remedies - the pros and cons

The effectiveness of folk remedies is confirmed by the leading trichologists of the world. When treating, it is necessary to focus on restorative and tonic agents: extracts of tar, propolis, mustard, red hot pepper, camphor, menthol, nicotinic acid. But, not respecting the proportion, you can leave a burn on the skin, turning the usual hair loss into a more global problem. This is considered the main disadvantage of traditional medicine.

1. Mask with a tincture of hot pepper. Burning, actively enhances the blood flow, which affects the deepest layer of the skin. As a result, subcutaneous blood circulation is strengthened, cells begin to divide faster, metabolic processes are accelerated, nutrients are fully absorbed, bulbs are strengthened, and hair growth is activated;

2. Rubbing into the skin of essential oil Bay. His work activates reserve capillaries and metabolic processes on the walls of blood vessels, this causes a decrease in the volume of the fat layer and the restoration of the hormonal background. For preventive and curative purposes, this oil began to be applied relatively recently.

How long is the treatment?

Treatment of hair loss can take from a month or longer. It all depends on your chosen method of treatment and the cause of hair loss. Maximum in 3 months you will have new hair, and their condition will pleasantly please you. If during 2 weeks you do not see any significant changes, then the method or treatment chosen by you is not suitable. Address to trihologu for specifications concerning treatment.

The conclusion

How to keep hair from falling out in men? This question is difficult to find one answer. But in any case it is a deviation from the norm, a disease that requires complex and operative treatment. In addition, the disease can cause low self-esteem, especially in young guys. Therefore, do not expect that the problem will bypass you by side, at its first signs immediately consult specialists.

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