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How to avoid, prevent and cure hair loss in men?

How to treat baldness with Rogaine MinoxidilDo you want to know how to avoid baldness in men? Or are you already at the stage when you need to treat it? Read this material - in it you will find answers to many questions interesting you.

Whatever people say, a bald head almost never adorns a man, regardless of his age. Therefore, we should strive to prevent it from appearing. However, it must be remembered that male baldness, if this is not an age process, and it is not associated with a critical damage to the scalp, can be stopped and even reversed in 90% of cases. Modern methods, products and drugs allow you to activate the growth of new hair, even where they fell out a few years ago.

How to treat baldness?

It is impossible to say how to cure baldness in men without first consulting a trichologist, or maybe without passing a series of tests. The fact is that the causes of alopecia can be very diverse. For example, if hair loss is associated with diseases of the internal organs, infection or infection with parasites, first eliminate the underlying causes by medication prescribed individually in each case. And only after that, you can closely deal with the cultivation of new hair.

As for the methods of directly treating baldness, it can be either therapy (massages, electroprocedures, intake of vitamin complexes), or local treatment of damaged skin areas with special preparations that activate hair growth. In this respect, minoxidil-based drugs ("Rogaine 5" or "Rogaine 2"), a vasodilator that significantly increases the intensity of nutrition by the beneficial substances of the hair follicles and thereby restores them to active work, are effective.

How to prevent beginning baldness?

If you suspect that recently the process of hair loss has increased somewhat and it can be fraught with problems, you need to learn how to prevent baldness in men.

Hair loss can be one of the symptoms of a number of diseases, so for starters it will not hurt to hand over general tests in the hospital. If the health is ok, you need to perform a set of measures aimed at strengthening the hair and reducing the intensity of their loss. First of all, pay attention to your shampoo and other means to care for the head, which you use.

Perhaps it makes sense to change them for something better. It will also be useful to diversify your diet, as well as monitor the regularity of food. It will not hurt to take a course of taking special vitamins for hair, and do it better twice a year - in spring and autumn, when the risk of beriberi is highest. If the fallout is sufficiently intense, it may be necessary to use minoxidil-based drugs ("Rogaine 5" or "Rogaine 2") for 1-2 months.

How to avoid baldness?

So that you do not have to think about how to treat hair loss in men, it's better to start from the young age to make certain efforts to avoid it altogether.

The main recommendations for effective prevention:

- as little stress as possible;

- abandon bad habits (smoking, alcohol); - use high-quality shampoos;

- at least periodically use strengthening masks for hair;

- twice a year to drink vitamins - or special for hair, or general action;

- regularly and fully eat, introducing in the diet as many types of products.

If you adhere to these recommendations, your body will be healthy and strong, and your hair - beautiful and thick until old age!


Let's not forget about the hair, let's take care of them, and at the same time watch our health!
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