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How to improve hair growth

How to improve hair growthTo improve the rate of hair growth, there are many fairly effective ways that you can use at home.

However, the main thing that is necessary to improve hair growth is to eliminate the root cause of this problem. About what causes the slowing of hair growth, we told in one of the previous articles.

How to strengthen and improve the hair condition? What remedies can help restore hair to its previous growth rate? What you need to do in order to rejoice again beautiful, healthy hair and provide them with the opportunity for active growth? Read about this in our material.

How to improve hair growth on the head

For the improvement of hair growth the following measures are useful:

1. Regular head massage - improves the blood supply to the scalp and allows hair follicles to develop and function properly. Massage can be carried out simultaneously with rubbing the roots of the hair with nutrient oils.

2. The intake of vitamins and trace elements - both in the form of special complexes for hair, and with food. Be sure to regularly eat vegetables and fruits (preferably those grown in your area), cottage cheese, seafood, nuts. The most useful beverages for the hair are milk, green tea and pure water.

3. Carry out procedures for strengthening hair - hair masks can be prepared by yourself or bought in ready-made form.

4. Change the way of life - walk more in the fresh air, try to get enough sleep and not take problems to heart, because stress is the enemy of beautiful and thick hair. Harmful habits also have a negative effect on the speed of hair growth, so we recommend that you refuse frequent drinking and quit smoking, your hair will be grateful to you!

5. Use properly selected, suitable for your hair type shampoos and balms. Give preference to products with natural ingredients.

6. Give up too complex hairstyles or do them less often. It is better not to abuse the regular curl of hair or their straightening. Too stiff braids or a constant tightening of hair with an eraser adversely affects the growth of hair. Choose a natural hair drying, use a hairdryer in rare cases.

7. Drink enough fluids - water is necessary for hair for their normal growth and development. Protect hair from ultraviolet light. In summer it is better to protect the hair with a hat, a beautifully tied kerchief or scarf.


Let's not forget about the hair, let's take care of them, and at the same time watch our health!
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