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How to restore thick hair after falling out

Many people are worried about the question of whether hair can be restored after falling out, since this problem, unfortunately, is quite common. Alopecia (baldness) is more or less familiar to the overwhelming majority of men and women at various ages. Its causes are extremely diverse, and development can be completely unpredictable, because the disease itself is most often purely individual, and can manifest itself in several ways in several people who are in identical conditions. Therefore, in order to learn how to restore hair after falling out, first of all, it is necessary to try to determine what exactly became the catalyst of this process, and only after that take any concrete steps. But it is important to remember that in about 90% of cases, hair can again be made thick and beautiful.

In principle, wanting to know how to restore the density of hair after falling out, it is necessary to pay attention to several basic recommendations, following which, in complex or separately (depending on your individual situation), you can achieve significant progress in improving hair follicle.

Revision of the diet

How to restore thick hairOne of the most common causes of hair loss, especially in women - is avitaminosis, caused not so much by seasonal changes in the diet, as the enthusiasm for diets and their improper selection. Is it possible to restore the density of hair after falling out because of this problem? Undoubtedly, and for this it is enough only to reconsider your diet in favor of increasing its vitaminization. You do not even need to completely abandon dietary nutrition, it is important to follow not only the amount of calories, but also the content of vitamin-mineral complexes in the chosen food. To no small degree help to solve the problem and special vitamins for hair, taking that, you saturate your body with exactly the substances that are most needed for follicles and the hairs themselves for normal growth and healthy state.

Revision of the way of life

A common cause of hair loss is a way of life. Constant stressful situations, lack of sleep, neuroses, regular climate changes - all this leads to weakening of the body, and one of the first expressers of this state is progressive baldness. How to restore the dropped hair in this case? Start using preventive and strengthening means for the hair, but most importantly - try to exist in a more favorable for your body regimen, otherwise you may have health problems that are much more serious than usual baldness.

Solving problems with health

Problems with the thyroid gland, the digestive system, the intake of hormonal drugs - all these are also catalysts of alopecia. In this case it is impossible to talk about the full treatment of baldness without eliminating its causes, so first you need to get rid of other ailments that caused hair loss and stop taking hormonal medications. The only thing - to minimize hair loss during treatment, it is recommended to use special preventive drugs that strengthen and revitalize the hairline.

Treatment and prevention

Alopecia is a disease with which one can and must fight. How to restore the density of hair after falling out due to progressive alopecia? Treatment with drugs based on minoxidil: Rogaine 5% and Rogaine 2%. This is the most effective way, which will really bring you a positive result. Also, do not neglect the prophylaxis and regular hair care with the use of quality medical and cosmetic products. Pay attention: regardless of the causes of hair loss, restoring their density - the process is not instantaneous. As a rule, the first tangible results are achieved in 2-4 months after you begin to deal with this problem.

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