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Intensity of hair loss within normal limits

hair loss within normal limitsHair loss is a pathological phenomenon, which necessarily leads to partial or complete absence of vegetation on the scalp. With this situation in different epochs faced both men and women. And, strangely enough, men feel without hair no less affected than women.At the first signs of an obvious increase in the usual volume of hair falling out of the head of hair, do not panic and ask advice from friends. The first step in combating baldness should be to see a doctor.

It is the conduct of diagnostics that will help to establish the exact cause of baldness, then the treatment can be selected more effectively and efficiently. As is known, the trichologist treats not only hair loss, but scalp diseases, but in 9 out of 10 cases, patients are treated with the problem of loss.

But the concept of hair loss is subjective. All people have different number of hair on their head, it can vary from 50 to 150 thousand. And, accordingly, although the rate of loss and recognized the number of 100 pieces per day, all can not fall out at the same level. So, the rate of loss is different for everyone. Also, the amount of hair loss depends on what you do with them throughout the day.

So, if the hair is washed, then some of the hair that has dropped out will be washed away, which means that the next day the hair will fall out a little more than the day of washing. No less than the number of hair fall affects hair, styling, and especially nachetsy. Calculate the exact number of lost hairs difficult, because you need to consider not only those that are in the comb, but also left on the pillow, hooked on the collar and washed away with shampoo.

The most accurate calculation of the amount of hair loss can be done by a specialist using a microscope. He will accurately see how many hairs are in the growth phase, and which is preparing for loss. But, preparing for this procedure, you need to keep your hair not washed for a week, and even for analysis, you will "take" about 50 hairs from different parts of the head.

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