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The main causes of focal alopecia and the main methods of treatment: from folk remedies at home to the clinic for hair transplantation

Focal alopecia is to some extent found in 0.1% of the total population of the planet.

Mostly - in men, whereas women for the most part suffer from androgenetic alopecia.

Focal is often called "nest" because of the visual similarity of the bald patch of skin to the bird's nest.

What causes focal alopecia, and what methods of treatment exist, this will be discussed in this article.


General concepts of alopecia areata

Treatment of alopecia areata

Folk remedies for the treatment of focal alopecia

Hair transplantation

General concepts of alopecia areata

So, focal alopecia is a kind of alopecia, in which hair falls out on a local area of the skin. That is, affect not the whole scalp, but only a small part of it, and - with one patch. The minimum age for the appearance of focal alopecia varies from 15 to 30 years, more detailed studies in this regard have not been conducted.

The disease is not dangerous, but can lead to an incurable cosmetic defect - the bald patch. Primarily, such a result is obtained by those who initially refuse treatment because of some psychological factors.

The largest percentage of patients with focal alopecia occur at the age of 45-55 years.

This is due to the natural wear of the upper layer of the epithelium and the disturbance of microcirculation in the middle layers, which provokes the "remission" of the hair follicles.

At this age, the process is conditionally considered irreversible, but until the full bald patch is obtained, it takes 3 to 15 years.

Who is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of focal alopecia? Primary examination is entrusted to a dermatologist. He studies the skin itself and makes tests for infection with infection, fungi. If this is not the case, the patient is referred for examination to the trichologist. It is he who is engaged in the treatment of alopecia areata.

Treatment of alopecia areata

How to cure alopecia areata? Alopecia areata can be treated, but the therapy itself can take up to several years. It all depends on the stage of the illness in which the patient asked for medical help, as well as the physiology of the patient himself. There is also a hereditary factor (a tendency to baldness).

Conditionally focal alopecia is classified into 3 stages:

1. The initial. On the local area of the skin, the amount of hair falling out increases.

2. Average. When visually examined, there is a noticeable spot where there is a thinning of the hair.

3. Heavy. Complete alopecia problem area.

Conservative therapy is allowed in the initial and intermediate stages.

It means taking vitamin complexes, mesotherapy, massages, stimulants, laser exposure.

At a serious stage, only cardinal measures for the elimination of a defect are applied, among which the most popular are wearing of wigs and hair transplantation.

What popular drugs are used to treat focal alopecia?

Mostly doctors appoint:

1. Cavinton. With its help, microcirculation improves in the upper layers of the epithelium.

2. Actovegin. Stimulates metabolic intercellular processes.

3. Piracetam. Refers to the category of nootropics. It is used if baldness is caused, for example, by prolonged depression, stress.

And even the patient can be advised darsonvalization - the impact on the problem area of the skin impulse small currents. This is a kind of massage therapy, in which the circulation of blood in the epithelium is accelerated, and the process of keratinization of dead cells is optimized.

IMPORTANT! Pharmacological preparations should be used only if recommended by the trichologist after a comprehensive examination of the patient.

Folk remedies for the treatment of focal alopecia

Treatment with folk remedies is widely used in focal alopecia, but only as a supplement to basic therapy. Naturally, before using any of them, you should consult a doctor and notify him of your intentions.

The most effective prescriptions for alternative medicine for the treatment of alopecia areata at home:

1. Spirituous tincture of hot pepper (externally). It stimulates insignificant inflammation of the skin and blood flow;

2. Onion juice (externally). Acts as an antibiotic (and even destroys the fungus), and with it - also provokes a sharp flow of blood in the problem area of the skin;

3. Massage with rock salt. Makes the "sleeping" roots begin to grow actively;

4. Mixtures of chicken yolk and olive oil (mask). It nourishes the skin no worse than vitamin complexes;

5. Tar soap. Especially effective if alopecia is provoked by seborrhea (dandruff and scaling).

Hair transplantation

This procedure is appointed exclusively after the use of conservative therapy, in which no positive results were seen (after 2-4 months).

More details about the procedure itself will be told by the attending physician.

He will notify about the techniques that are currently used by trichologists.

That is, transplantation is applied only if no other methods of treatment help.

An alternative is wearing a wig. Is transplant effective? The best at the moment is the technique of HFE transplantation, which helps even in the most severe cases. However, not all clinics can offer it. The essence of this method is the transplantation of active follicles from a healthy area of the skin with the help of microneedles.

Despite the widespread prevalence of focal alopecia, it can be treated at any stage. But for help, the doctor should be consulted when finding the primary signs of the disease.

Then the process of treatment and rehabilitation will take a minimum of time, and it will be possible to manage exclusively conservative therapy. To whom to address the problem of nesting baldness? The first thing - to the dermatologist, and then - to follow his instructions.

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