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Main causes of hair loss in women after 30 years

hair loss in women after 30 yearsIt is generally believed that hair loss is predominantly male and, moreover, a strictly age-related problem. It is because of this that many women who experience the symptoms of alopecia become panic-stricken, especially if they are only recently knocked 30-35 years old and the troubles with the hair were considered as something possible only in the deepest theory.

In fact, alopecia is equally characteristic of the representatives of both sexes, and this disease is constantly "getting younger", even more often affecting even teenagers, not to mention the thirties. The causes of hair loss in women of 30 or more years can be varied, as is the form of the course of the disease, but it is important to know that in most cases, baldness can still be stopped and even reversed, so there is no reason for panic.

Why do hair fall out?

Unfortunately, there is no one universal cause of thinning and hair loss in women who have reached the age of thirty, as there is no single way of treatment. This problem is age-related to a lesser extent, and more likely it is due to some problems with the body.

In general, we can distinguish the following reasons for hair loss in women after 30 years:

1. Genetic predisposition. To prevent such baldness is impossible, as propensity to it is present from a birth and the process begins at approach of favorable conditions for it. True, modern preventive and curative drugs based on Minoxidil can virtually stop such baldness at the initial stage and avoid serious problems.

2. Diseases of the body. First of all, it is anemia, problems with the thyroid gland or digestive system. Such diseases almost always negatively affect the health of the hair, often provoking an increase in their loss.

3. Excessive fad diets. This is a very common female problem. If you stop full and varied nutrition, will begin avitaminosis, which, in addition to many other symptoms, will necessarily show signs of baldness.

4. Too tight hair. If your favorite hairstyle remedies stretching and tension of the hair, it can cause them to fall out.

5. Allergic reactions. Baldness can easily begin because you will use a shampoo or other makeup with ingredients that you are allergic to, one form of which is hair loss.

reasons for hair loss in womenThese are only the most common causes of hair loss on the head of women, in fact, there may be much more. To find out why you are starting to get bald, consult a qualified trichologist. He will examine you, carry out analyzes, if necessary, establish the root of the problem and determine the ways of its most rational solution.

What to do?

Even knowing the main causes of hair loss in women, do not risk self-medication. There is always the possibility that by choosing drugs on your own, based on incomplete data and your own intuition, you will aggravate the problem and transfer alopecia to a more acute stage. Therefore, if you suspect that you are beginning to have hair loss in one form or another, urgently consult a trichologist - the doctor will prescribe the right medications or procedures. Typically, this is an outpatient therapy with the use of special massagers and other equipment, a balanced diet, the use of hair growth stimulants based on minoxidil, and necessarily treatment of other health problems that led to alopecia.


Let's not forget about the hair, let's take care of them, and at the same time watch our health!
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