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Finasteride reddit. I talked to urologist about Finasteride and just

IAmA 29 year old male who s been on Propecia for

Basically made my entire Endocrine System malfunction. There was no noticeable decrease in libido or erectile disfunction, so I kept taking.25 mg pill every

night. 8 years ago I noticed I was losing hair. The rate of erectile dysfnction in finasteride-treated groups was.8 compared with.3 in placebo in one large double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of a 2-year duration. Its also very important during the early years puberty for the development of sex organs but as you get older its importance really starts to taper off. As it turned out, he was actually very familiar with. This isn't to say that everyone who has erection problems is cheating on their wives or very religious, but just that the mind really is quite powerful, especially in that region. Noticing that my penis felt like a limp noodle and I could barely sort of dribbled out and I couldn't push it out at all. Hey everyone, I've been a lurker on this sub for a while so I made an account because I just wanted to share something I think could have some relevance. But it was a price I was willing to pay for a full head of hair. Also it's a nice thing in that this forum is one of (to me, the only) real honest place when it comes to information of Hair Treatment/Balding. No side effects to speak. By the way i have no side effects at all! Cut the dose to 1/6 of pill, everything went back to normal.

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When it comes to studies on it, we have boatloads of them over almost 30 years and almost every time they have the same results. 6 tablet years later, and I still have my hair. They lasted 2 weeks still have watery semen after 60 days started with finas.25 finas 5mg cut. When my testosterone levels are 99 (below womens levels) I feel exactly the same as when I take Testosterone Injections and get them to 600-1,000 (normal male levels). There is currently research taking place that is looking into "Propecia alters your DNA so that it permanently shuts off you androgen receptors". Some parts of the body express some of those enzymes a lot more than others. Just look at what Propecia's new labels say! Erectile dysfunction was the most common sexual adverse effect in clinical trials evaluating finasteride. Again sides brain fog only. If that wasn't the case we would just use the 1mg dosage for everything. After being on it 4 years 4 years and 3 months, i also act. Edit 2: Just added in one last thing from the notes I took about the age group of he deals with. On how the drug works: Even though its a pretty common medication and its been out for quite a number of years, its actually still pretty misunderstood. So when you take Finasteride, DHT is still present in a lot of parts of the body because of the other enzymes that aren't being inhibited. The next day, when I got it cut shorter and tried to spike it to cover.

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Two weeks ago, I went to have sex with my wife, but I couldn't get an erection. Like usually, you can flex your pelvic muscle and you can feel your penis raise in your pants. I wish i would price have started as soon as i started showing signs on frontal hairloss! Edit 1: - Proof? But that doesn't mean that they still aren't getting them at night, which is usually the finasteride case or that they have any erectile problems. Ironically, it makes me as self conscious as my receding hairline. M/r/2pyb7kh/6 - I will provide more proof in a few hours. Its sort of a case of if the pipe is clogged its clogged all the time, its not half clogged or only clogged sometimes. Not everything is going to be word for word obviously, but I'll try to be as accurate as possible. Having all the stories based in one area for reference would be nice. By the rck, the company who makes Propecia and knows its side effects, is the same company that made Vioxx which killed more people than the Vietnam War did. Reply With" 03:00 PM #7 been on finas 1mg for 60 days, mayor sides, libido, fever, brain fog. On a side note, I'm generally fit (29 years old, 15 body fat, bench press 250 lbs but I've started to develop man boobs to the point where you can see my nipples puffing through a polo. A lot of the time it just gets summed up as a drug that reduces DHT, but its a little bit more complicated. I suspect the 1 in 300 statistic you hear floated around is grossly underestimated.

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The rate of decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, and ejaculatory dysfunction was found to have increased in finasteride compared with placebo; however, the rate of sexual adverse effects between the two finasteride groups were not signifcantly different. I've never seen anyone experience side effects on it, and most are on it for the rest of their lives since if they stop the enlargement of the prostate will continue. Around 30 of men actually don't wake up with any sort of erection. So don't think of morning erection as this sort of special kind of erection, think of it more like the erections you would get during the night while your sleeping but its just carried over into you waking. There was also reported decreased sexual drive, pills increased ejaculatory disorders, and decreased overall sexual satisfaction. A lot of the men in this community were experiencing unexplained pain in their penises. Org All times are GMT -7. At 28 i started noticing minoxidil loss in the temples and started rogaine. Persistant side effects even after stopping the drug. That's also why its better at growing hair, because the scalp has a lot of the type 1 and type 2 enzyme, with Finasteride your just getting rid of type 2 so the other enzyme is still making DHT. On the importance of DHT: DHT is very important during fetal development, which is why pregnant women should stay really far away from.

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I recently saw a Urologist because of a potential infection. About 6 months in, I started to notice some thickening in my hairline, to which I was ecstatic. If you want to roll the dice, go for. I took Propecia and developed the "Post Finasteride Syndrome". "What about all those super duper scare sexual side effects!?!?!?" Well, I haven't had any of them, and it's highly unlikely that you would either. I've never had any trouble in this department before, so I dismissed it as an anomaly. I fully intended to continue my daily regimen of minox, nizoral, and proscar for cost the rest of my life. Personally I think that the anti-finasteride hysteria which lurks around some areas of the internet must be responsible for a lot of unnecessary balding in the guys who choose to listen to the loud minority over the mostly silent majority. Its because its one of the only drugs that addresses the actually enlargement of the prostate as opposed to just trying to relax proscar your muscles, so even though it takes longer to start working patients usually report much better. Many have already committed suicide. We've actually experimented with supplementing DHT in older people with erectile dysfunction and usually the results are really poor, where as instead if we increase Testosterone levels their are usually very tangible results. If you lowered all your DHT when say you were a young kid it wouldn't even shrink your penis then, but it could mean your penis won't end up growing any larger. For a subset of these men, the damage persistsmaybe forevereven after they go off the drug. For example, the prostate has a lot more of the type 2 enzyme than pretty much everywhere else in the body, and the skin has a lot of type 1 but a lot less of type 2, so wherever.

Author: Dr. Philip Miller, MD | Posted: 30 Sep 2020
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