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Minoxidil (Rogaine 5) for the beard - Before and After

Unfortunately, not all representatives of the strong half of humanity by nature got the opportunity to grow a beard - many men have vegetation on their faces rather sparse, and with all the desire a beautiful beard remains for them only a dream.

To everyone who wants to grow a beard, today drugs with minoxidil come to the rescue. Minoxidil (Rogaine 5) is a substance with a vasodilating effect. Stimulating blood circulation, minoxidil provides an active supply of blood to the hair follicles, which, in turn, causes the activation of hair growth on both the head and face. Remedies with minoxidil, such as Rogaine, are actively used for growing a beard.

Photo: Minoxidil (Rogaine 5) for the Beard "Before" and "After" Time Lapse

Minoxidil (Rogaine 5)

minoxidil beard time lapse

minoxidil beard 6 months

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How to use Minoxidil solution for Beard?

Minoxidil, which you can buy through an advertising banner, is very easy to apply. It should be applied to problem areas twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, each time using half the foam cap. And you need to ensure that the skin of the head or beard at the time of application was completely dry.

1. Turn the cap so that the arrows on the sprayer and the cap are aligned.

2. Tilt the cap back and remove it.

3. Before extruding the foam, it is recommended first to rinse your fingers with cold water and thoroughly dry, as in contact with warm skin, the foam may dissolve.

4. Turn the cylinder upside down, press the sprayer and squeeze the required amount of foam on the fingers (half of the cap for one time).

5. Distribute the foam with fingertips over the areas of baldness and gently rub into the skin of the beard or head.

6. After using Rogaine, place the cap on the balloon. To keep the package protected from accidental opening by children, it is necessary to check that the arrows on the sprayer and the cap are not aligned.

After applying Rogaine, you should thoroughly wash your hands.

Do not apply foam on the hair or on the beard hair itself. On their surface, it will not act at all. The main action is directed to the follicles, which are hidden in the skin of the head and chin.

Where to buy Minoxidil (Rogaine 5) for a beard?

Our partner's online store is a great choice of remedies for growing a beard with Minoxidil (Rogaine 5). Online pharmacy guarantees the originality of all products of the catalog and confirms their high efficiency. The price of the means of beard growth with minoxidil in the online store is available to all who wish to have a thick beard - even more so if the order immediately set for 6 or 12 months of use.

To achieve a faster result, experts recommend preparing the skin before applying medications - for this you can purchase mesoroller. All funds from Minoxidil (Rogaine 5) from the catalog produced international brands, has earned the trust of users, and provide an excellent result.

The effectiveness of the drugs with minoxidil for growing a beard has been proved both by users and trichologists. It is very important to regularly use the medications with minoxidil for a beard - twice a day every day.

The duration of the use of drugs with Minoxidil (Rogaine 5) depends on the individual susceptibility of each consumer, on average 2-3 months later the first results are visible - there are pushrod hair, which eventually become more rigid. In the photo you can see the result of using minoxidil for a beard for three, five and six months. Will you agree that the result is impressive ?!

Minoxidil (Rogaine 5) for the beard must be applied until the desired result is achieved. After your beard becomes really thick and dark, and beard hairs are stiff, you can gradually reduce the frequency of the drug. Do this in stages, reducing the regularity of application, and later - the dosage.

What helps to grow a beard?

If you need a civilized remedy, take Minoxidil to grow a beard. This substance is included in different products, for example Kirkland or Rogaine. Manufacturers sell it as products from baldness, and stimulators of hair growth and so on. Of course, these drugs are advised to be applied on the head, but if you want to smear something on your face to grow a beard, let it be minoxidil, checked in the clinic.

Kirkland is quite inexpensive, but it can slightly overdry the skin, so there is reason to buy Rogaine foam. It is quickly absorbed and almost does not cause dryness. Of course, one should be careful not to provoke hair growth under the eyes, for example.

As for the slight itching, it is not always caused by Rogaine 5. The case may be due to the appearance of bristles, it passes in a few weeks. In any case, having decided to use minoxidil for a beard, you can buy in addition to it a moisturizing lotion.

Minoxidil for growth of a beard - the decision of the modern man.

minoxidil rogaine 5 for facial hair

Minoxidil (Rogaine 5) for facial hair: Eyebrows, Beard and Hair

To restore hair in any part of the body, funds under the name Rogaine benefit both men and women. Often there is a problem of loss of eyelashes and eyebrows after prolonged use of poor-quality cosmetics, and in this situation, the remedy will become a rescue in the fight against this ailment. It also effectively helps in the treatment of alopecia of all types - focal, diffuse and others. This is confirmed scientifically, proved by research in humans for several decades.

Rogaine works well in cases where hair loss occurs on the face - in the area of the chin and cheeks. This prevents the appearance of men, so they try to restore the hairline, so that the beard looked flawless. Also, Rogaine helps make the beard thicker and darker, which is very important.

Rogaine helps make the beard thicker and darker

In case of focal alopecia, bald patches appear in men and women, which reduce attractiveness. This is one of the main reasons why Rogaine is used. After a course of three months, you can stop falling out and activate the process of growing new hair.

Rogaine for Men and Women

Rogaine helps with hair loss on any part of the body and is produced specifically for men and women in the appropriate vials. It is important to use the product by type and not mix it with a series not intended for your sex, so the effectiveness of treatment will be maximized. This is all because the Rogaine remedy was originally developed for each sex separately, taking into account the characteristics of the female and male body.

Most often, men have to use the drug every day and for the rest of their lives. All because hair loss is associated with a hereditary form and does not lend itself to complete cure. But, using Rogaine every day, you do not give the hormone dihydrotestosterone a detrimental effect on the follicles of the problem area, protecting and feeding it from the outside. Very detailed about minoxidil painted in this article - read it to have a full idea of its effect on the hair.

Rogaine for men and women

Women have more problems with hair on the background of depression, nervous breakdown, pregnancy, or certain situations that affect the mental state in one way or another. Less common are problems with hair on the background of acute diseases, which affect the production of hormones and disrupt the metabolism. In this situation, Rogaine helps to restore hair, but do not forget that the best result is achieved in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle - it's a full meal, sports and a positive atmosphere around. Following these rules, after a full course of treatment for hair loss, women can stop using Rogaine and not worry about the effect of lifting.

For the most effective treatment in advance, ask for a prescription to the doctor-trichologist - only he knows how best to use this drug in your case and what frequency and dosage to observe until complete recovery.

Reviews about the Rogaine Foam

Products Rogaine 5 contains as much of the main active substance as the previous lotion. Herewith reviews about her are mostly positive. No wonder it surpasses all the famous Kirkland, because the foam was invented later, which means that the manufacturers took into account all the disadvantages, which collected the first production from alopecia.

Buying Rogaine foam is necessary for people who are looking for:

  • an effective remedy for baldness of the initial stage;
  • convenient in use drug from genetic alopecia;
  • a skin-friendly hair growth stimulant without the presence of PG;
  • therapeutic products of rapid absorption without an obsessive smell.

Indeed Rogaine foam is more convenient in application. It does not spread. Alcohol smell is practically absent. People who use it do not complain of dryness, redness of the skin, which is possible in case of applying lotion.

The product does not spread and can be used to grow a beard (the manufacturer does not recommend applying such a product anywhere other than the scalp). Everyone must make their choice: minoxidil - Kirkland or minoxidil - Rogaine. In any case, they work equally well.

Only Rogaine 5 less dry skin and does not cause almost no side effects, but it costs twice as much.

Love your hair - use the best.

Let's not forget about the hair, let's take care of them, and at the same time watch our health!
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