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Minoxidil (Rogaine) for women - nuances of application


1. Indications for use of Minoxidil for women

2. How does Minoxidil work against hair loss in women?

3. Brief instruction for use of Minoxidil 2%

Minoxidil is a water-soluble crystalline substance, manufactured by the technology of chemical synthesis and has a powerful vasodilating effect. Initially, it was used to treat hypertension, but over time, the ability of minoxidil-based remedies to restore hair was discovered. Now, such drugs are used for external application to the areas of alopecia. They effectively help men and women combat hereditary (androgenetic) alopecia.

Rogaine is one of the most popular and effective drugs with an active ingredient Minoxidil.

In view of the greater sensitivity to the action of the main component, it is recommended that women use a 2% solution of minoxidil (Rogaine 2). Men use drugs with a concentration of active ingredient from 5 to 16% (Rogaine 5). In case of neglected cases of female alopecia, it is permissible to use preparations with 5% active substance concentration (Rogaine 5). Also they are relevant when applying funds 1 time per day (instead of the recommended 2).

Indications for use Rogaine (Minoxidil) for women

Rogaine (Minoxidil) for womenRogaine preparations on the basis of minoxidil are intended for the treatment of androgenic alopecia. This is the name for hereditary hair loss "according to the male type," in which women lose hair in the area of direct selection, with a gradual alopecia of the lateral zones. Hair loss with hereditary alopecia proceeds slowly - the surrounding people begin to notice the signs of androgenetic alopecia in a few years.

In the beginning, this disease resembles diffuse alopecia, but over time the symptoms intensify until noticeable bald spots appear. To prevent the worsening of the problem, it is important to begin therapy with the first alarming symptoms, because the cost of delay is too high. You should be alerted by the abundant hair loss and the extension of the direct parting. The sooner you start acting, the easier and faster it will be to restore the hairline. For a long time, there was no effective means for treating hereditary alopecia, and only drugs with minoxidil (Rogaine) showed consistently high results. But it is worth considering that at the initial stage of therapy Rogaine for women (as well as preparations for men based on the active substance minoxidil) cause increased hair loss. Often this causes panic in patients to lose their remaining hair. But do not be afraid - in place of the fallen exhausted hair will grow strong and healthy.

How does Rogaine (Minoxidil) work against hair loss in women?

Rogaine (Minoxidil) work against hair lossThe genetic tendency to baldness is not a sentence yet! Preparations based on minoxidil successfully solve this problem due to:

- increased blood microcirculation in the application area;

- to improve the supply of nutrients to hair follicles;

- awakening of "asleep" follicles;

- rejection of hopelessly weak hair;

- stimulation of new hair growth.

The drug "Rogaine 2" (Minoxidil 2%) acts slowly - to stop baldness and grow hair on the affected areas, you must patiently apply the product every day. After 1-3 months of daily use, the initial hair loss stops, and in the areas of alopecia appear thin hair follicles. They signal the restoration of the operability of the follicles. Visible results are achieved approximately 4-6 months after the start of treatment.

Use of "Rogaine 2" for women with androgenetic alopecia is necessary all the time - to maintain the achieved results and block the manifestation of genetic predisposition to baldness. Minoxidil acts directly on the application and does not accumulate in the body, so treatment with the means on its basis is carried out constantly. Breaks in therapy negatively affect the condition of the hairline - the achieved results are quickly lost, and repeated restoration of the follicles requires much greater effort than maintaining their working capacity.

Brief instruction for use of Minoxidil 2%

Rogaine 2 for womenWith a 2% concentration of minoxidil, various preparations are made in the form of lotion or foam - Rogaine, Lipogaine, Foligain, Equate Minoxidil, Azelofein, Spectral, etc. All of them are intended for topical topical application. The drugs are applied twice a day - in the morning and in the evening - in a volume of 1-2 ml, with a spray or pipette, on a dry and clean scalp in the area of thinning. After application, the composition is gently rubbed into the skin with the pads of the fingers. You do not need to lubricate your hair.

When using the medication, it is important:

- Do not exceed the recommended dosage - otherwise the risk of side effects is great;

- Do not apply the product to areas of the skin with irritation, scratches and other damages;

- Do not wash your hair for several hours after applying the product;

- Wash hands thoroughly after contact with the preparation;

- Do not touch your face with minoxidil and other parts of your body - so as not to cause hair growth in undesirable places;

- In the evening, apply the remedy 2 hours before bedtime - so that it can absorb, you can also use sleep caps made of hygroscopic material;

- Do not apply Minoxidil together with other cosmetic and medical products - to avoid adverse reactions and reduce the effect of the drug.


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