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Overview of good remedies for hair loss in men: a description of effective drugs presented at the pharmacy

Remedies against hair loss in men are widely represented in the market, as preventive cosmetic products, and potent medicines.

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Cosmetic remedies for hair loss in men








Reception of vitamins


Drugs for hair loss in menThe agent for hair loss in men can be classified according to several criteria.

By the method of application, they can be internal and external.

Drugs for hair loss in men of internal use are tablets of all kinds, and external agents - ointments, lotions, balms, serums, sprays, shampoos, ampoule solutions, injectable drugs.

By force of influence, they are divided into cosmetic and medicament.

The former are used for prophylaxis and with minor manifestations of the disease, the latter are suitable for the treatment of its severe forms.

By its composition and active ingredients, the agents are divided into vegetable, vitamin, steroid and others.

Plant and vitamin remedies are usually cosmetic, while drugs based on specific chemicals are purely medicamentous.

Cosmetic remedies for hair loss in men

Cosmetic remedies against hair loss for men are shampoos, non-hormonal creams, ampoule preparations.


Shampoos against alopecia contain plant extracts, mineral and essential oils. In the store you can buy shampoos of such brands:

1. Fitoval. A complex of extracts of nettle, rosemary and substances derived from vitamin D. It has a liquid consistency. Strengthens the structure of the hair, making them less prone to fallout. The advantages of shampoo include cheapness and simplicity of the composition, which makes it relatively hypoallergenic. But it does not contain specific therapeutic substances and is suitable only for the prevention and treatment of diffuse alopecia in the early stages of hair loss.

2. Alerana is a shampoo made in Russia. The main ingredients are similar to other natural shampoos: plant extracts, vitamins B and D are included. Varieties of the product are available for both oily hair and for dry and ordinary hair.

3. Vichy Dercos. Like all other shampoos from the Vichy line, this hair loss remedy for men is quite expensive, but its cost is justified: Dercos contains only the best plant extracts and vitamins in forms that allow them to penetrate the scalp with minimal loss during application.

Shampoos are applied 1-2 times a week during the washing of the head. No special procedures are required for this.


Sprays are mostly represented by minoxidil group drugs. The products in this form are easy to apply - you do not need to moisturize your head beforehand, you can always carry a spray bottle with you in your pocket or bag.

1. Rogaine. The drug is based on minoxidil. It is indicated for use at the age of 18-65 years, it is better for children and elderly people to refuse using it. It is applied 2 times a day by applying to dry hair. By the minuses of the drug can be attributed a very long course of treatment, reaching up to several months, as well as the possibility of irritation of sensitive skin.

2. Generolon. Similar to Rogaine (minoxidil), but the concentration of the active substance here is slightly less.

3. Alerana (spray). It produces not only shampoos, but also sprays. They are based on pinacidil, one of the analogs of minoxidil. Sprays are produced in concentrations of 5% and 2%, men are more suited to the first option.

Minoxidil is a substance that increases the synthesis of ATP in cells, thereby stimulating their work and improving blood circulation in tissues. Particularly active is its effect on hair follicles when their activity is suppressed by dihydrotestosterone, that is, with the androgenic form of alopecia, the most common in men. During European clinical trials it was found that minoxidil is one of the most effective anti-alopecia agents.


Vichy in ampoulesAmpoules in their composition are similar to shampoos and are often produced by the same producers. But the shampoos are characterized by their ease of use and great penetrating power.

1. Dixon. This is an Italian ampoule, an effective remedy for hair loss in men, but contains methoxy isopropanol - a substance recognized as dangerous to health in some countries. But its danger is established mainly for pregnant women in the treatment of hair loss, so the male body in the right dosages will hardly cause harm.

2. Vichy in ampoules. The main substance is 5% stenoxidine. Ampoules are not aimed at treating baldness directly, but have a beneficial effect on the activity of hair follicles, which helps in combating the non-severe forms of alopecia. The contents of the ampoule can be applied to the hair separately, and it can be mixed with ordinary shampoo.


Focal alopecia of any stage, androgenic alopecia in moderate and severe forms, diffuse alopecia in severe forms - all these types of disease require drug therapy. The use of cosmetic products here is appropriate only as a secondary support.


Hormonal ointments are corticosteroids, the function of which is to relieve inflammation. They are used in focal alopecia, provoked by autoimmune inflammatory processes. This is a good remedy for hair loss in men, which can be purchased at a pharmacy.

1. Elokom-S. Ointment based on mometasone and salicylic acid. Apply on the head a thin layer for 1-2 months twice a day.

2. Celestoderm. Contains betamethasone, which along with cortisol is a synthetic analog of cortisol. It is applied for 2 months 1-3 times a day.

Important: corticosteroids thin out the skin and blood vessels that pass through it. Therefore, you should carefully monitor its condition throughout the course of treatment.

3. Mival. Non-hormonal ointment based on vitamin complexes and silicon. Penetrating solvents in the composition provide faster absorption of components into the skin.


injections are used for diffuse alopeciaInjectables are represented by vitamins and immunosuppressants.

Vitamin injections are used for diffuse alopecia, immunosuppressants are effective in the treatment of focal alopecia.

The group of immunosuppressants include cyclosporine, daclizumab, azathioprine.

It reliably eliminate focal alopecia of any severity, but have many side effects. If there is a lack of medical experience, one should not put injections at home, it is better to do it on an outpatient basis. More information about mesotherapy against hair loss read here.


In the form of tablets, most of the vitamin complexes are produced. Also, the form of the tablets has some specific medicines.

Finasteride - a hormonal pill that suppress the work of the prostate gland

1. Finasteride - a hormonal pill that suppress the work of the prostate gland, on which depends the synthesis of pathogenic for the roots of hair dihydrotestosterone. The drug is especially relevant for androgenetic alopecia of the male type, but its use can cause complications with significant violations of the prostate gland.

2. Selencinum. Tablets based on zinc. This substance, which is one of the main nutrients for hair growth. Selencinum is not as effective as an independent agent, but will be a good complement to any therapy.

3. Rinfotil. A remedy for hair loss for men, containing both vitamins and extracts of exotic plants (dwarf palm, ginkgo biloba). It is applied once a day for a period of two weeks to two months. Allergy sufferers should be cautious, since a negative reaction to exotic components is possible.

Reception of vitamins

vitaminsAlthough vitamins and are useful for hair growth, not always their reception is necessary for the treatment of alopecia.

Focal and androgenic types of baldness can develop with sufficient natural intake of vitamins into the body, in this case their use in the form of tablets or injections can cause hypervitaminosis.

It is worth making sure that there is diffuse alopecia, it is with this form of the disease that the body needs additional intake of vitamins.

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