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Proscar Information

Proscar (Finasteride) - How to buy online and How to take this medication for prostatitis


Proscar (Finasteride)

Medication for prostatitis Proscar (Finasteride)

It is a drug that is aimed at curing hyperplasia of the prostate of the benign type. The main active ingredient is finasteride (enzyme inhibitor, 5-alpha-reductase).

The growth of the prostate tissue composite gland, as well as the process of the appearance of benign hyperplasia, is manifested by means of converting testosterone in the cellular structures in the prostate itself into dihydrotestosterone. The preparation of a synthetic compound that causes the conversion of testosterone into androgens of the active nature of 5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone.

Prevents the deleterious effects of testosterone on the formation of tumors. This drug is not actively affecting the receptors that perceive androgens.

Medication for Prostatitis Proscar (Finasteride) instructions for use and reviews:

It's a very effective and effective drug, allows you to cure a serious ailment (prostatitis) and carry out preventive actions, but also promotes hair growth, this also applies to the pubic area.

The action of the drug from prostatitis Proscar (Finasteride): due to the component composition, the drug acts on the prostate gland while reducing its size. There is a positive dynamics during the outflow of urine, suppresses the negative symptoms of the disease. With the advanced form of benign prostatic hypertrophy, it is recommended to take the drug for quite a long time.

The drug is genetically absorbed into the body and penetrates into the liquid and tissue. It is worth to be careful, because this tool is found in the ejaculate. The agent is excreted both through the intestine in fifty-seven percent, and in the form of metabolites by forty percent by the kidneys.

The time of action of the drug from prostatitis Proscar (Finasteride): the action begins after one to two hours, the active time from twenty-two to twenty-four hours.

Composition of the drug from prostatitis Proscar (Finasteride): finasteride, lactose monohydrate, calcium dihydrate hydrophosphate, croscarmellose sodium, sodium dodecyl sulfate, microcrystalline cellulose, giprolose, magnesium stearate.

Indications for the use of a drug for prostatitis Proscar (Finasteride): it is desirable to use a medicament for curing hyperplasia of the prostate of the benign type, as well as with the active process of baldness in the male half of the population.

Method of using a drug from prostatitis Proscar (Finasteride): a day is taken up to five milligrams of the drug once.

The use of a drug against Prostatitis Proscar (Finasteride) in children:

Strictly forbidden to use a drug drug for children up to eighteen years.

Use in elderly patients: there are no special cautions.

Application in pregnancy and lactation:

The female half of the population who are in the age of childbearing or in the lactation period should avoid such a drug, since there is a risk that the fetus will have violations in the genitourinary system due to the influence of finasteride. The drug quickly penetrates into the seminal fluid of the male fetus.


Do not take the drug if there is a sensitivity of a heightened nature to the finasteride component. It is also worthwhile to avoid the use of: obstructive uropathy and prostate cancer.

Side effects:

Gynecomastia, decreased ejaculatory volume, decreased libido, impotence - all these symptoms are rare in the region. Allergies can be observed: angioedema edema, skin rash.

Symptoms of an overdose:

There was not such a symptomatology seen, but if you took a much larger dosage than indicated in the instructions, it is worthwhile to immediately go to a medical facility.

The doctors' comments about the drug from Prostatitis Proscar (Finasteride):

A medication of the medical category, and should be treated with great seriousness and responsibility, since, for example, with renal insufficiency, the drug must be taken under the strict supervision of physicians. Before the direct use of the drug, you need to undergo a rectal examination, and other checks in order to reveal the presence or absence of prostate cancer prostate.


The clinical interaction of finasteride with antipyrine, theophylline, warfarin, glyburide, digoxin, propranolol was not found. There are no caveats when using alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

Advantages of a drug from Prostatitis Proscar (Finasteride):

The drug is quite effective, has a small spectrum of side effects and contraindications, the main group of the population taking the drug is a person for fifty.

Disadvantages (minuses) of a drug from Prostatitis Proscar (Finasteride):

A very long period of recovery to six months.

Recommended course of admission:

The course of treatment lasts from five to six months.

I recommend to friends: only after examinations in the medical center I can advise you to apply this medication.

Conditions for storing the drug from Prostatitis Proscar (Finasteride):

This medication is stored in its native packaging, preferably in a cool place.

Terms of purchase from pharmacies:

For the acquisition of funds, a prescription is required.

How to buy Proscar Finasteride without a prescription online?

To buy Proscar (Finasteride) online without giving a special prescription, you can contact our partners online pharmacy. The link to the desired section with the drug is at the beginning of this page.

Shelf life of the drug from prostatitis Proscar (Finasteride):

Up to three years.

Form release:

5 mg tablets. In the package from 30 to 360 pieces.

The price of a medicament for prostatitis Proscar (Finasteride):

From $ 55.80 per package.


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