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Remedies against hair loss in women

Beautiful hair is the indisputable dignity of a woman who needs a careful attitude and quality care. The natural process of renewing the hairline is accompanied by a daily loss of 50-100 hairs. But when the fallout occurs more intensively, the curls noticeably thin out, and the parting becomes wider, it is necessary to give this problem due attention, to visit the trichologist and to choose the most suitable preparation for women against hair loss.

remedies against hair loss in women

To understand that hair loss exceeds the norm, you need to test:

1. Refrain from washing your head for 2-3 days, then grasp it with your hands and pull by strands.

2. Drop the hairs on a sheet of paper.

3. Repeat similar actions in different areas of the head 3 times.

4. Consider the hairs. If their bulbs are light, hairs fell out due to natural regeneration.

5. Count the number of hairs on the sheet. If there are less than 15 of them, everything is in order, if more - the fallout is excessive.

Remedies against hair loss in women

Intensive hair loss can lead to various factors that should be considered when choosing a treatment method:

The reason for excessive hair loss


Hormonal factor (puberty, pregnancy, borne birth, menopause).

After the normalization of the hormonal background (or state of health, or psychoemotional state) and the cessation of the impact of negative factors, the hair condition gradually normalizes. But in order to speed up this process, it is recommended to take special vitamins for hair and use of medical-cosmetic remedies.

Avitaminosis, a strict diet, improper diet, bad habits.

Diseases (anemia, latent infection, thyroid disease, etc.).

Reception of strong medicines (antibiotics and others)

Nervous overstrain, chronic fatigue, stress, depression.

Passage of chemotherapy or other medical procedures that weaken the body.

Frequent staining, chemical perm, wearing dread, African braids, tight tails, hair extensions.

Effects on hair of low and high temperatures.

When leaving the frost wear a hat, minimize the use of a hair dryer, ironing, curling iron.

Genetic heredity.

Visiting a trichologist and choosing the right remedy for the treatment of hair loss in women.

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Let's not forget about the hair, let's take care of them, and at the same time watch our health!
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