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The results of Minoxidil for the Beard

results of minoxidil for the beard

Minoxidil (Rogaine 5%) with a concentration of 5% is used for external use to activate hair growth of the beard according to the instructions in each package of the preparation. The main thing is to apply minoxidil regularly, in the morning and in the evening, in a certain dosage, and then the result will not take long.

Minoxidil Foam and Beard Growth: Can Rogaine be Applied to Face?

Foam of Rogaine effectively stimulates hair growth not only on the scalp (with alopecia), but also in other parts of the body (ex., face).

Minoxidil for the growth of the beard, bristles, eyebrows, eyelashes, hair on the chest and body

Minoxidil for the growth of the beardProlonged systematic use of 2% or 5% foam (as well as a solution or lotion) of minoxidil stimulates the development of hair follicles in the face, promoting the growth of beards and bristles.

At the same time there is an increase in the growth rate of already existing hair, as well as the appearance of new ones (that is, the beard becomes thicker). The same effect was observed when applying the foam on the eyebrow or chest area (there is a certain increase in the amount of hair and their length), although there is no indication in the official instruction about the use of a medicament for such purposes.

It is not recommended to use minoxidil to stimulate the growth of eyelashes, since the active substance and auxiliary components (including alcohol and propylene glycol) can get on the cornea of the eye and damage it.

Does Minoxidil help beard growth? Does it really work?

Minoxidil (the active substance of such goods as Kirkland Minoxidil 5%, Rogaine 5%) - is currently the best preparation for increasing the growth of beard and mustache. No other ointments, lotions, extracts of red pepper, grandmother's tincture can surpass the effectiveness of minoxidil in stimulating hair growth.

Minoxidil is the first medication approved by the FDA to treat baldness, but after a while people noted its unmatched efficacy also for beard growth.

It is possible to use minoxidil simply in order to increase the speed of growth of the beard. However, the most common cause is not slow hair growth, but uneven growth or the presence of only "fluff" vegetation - it is then that men begin to think about finding various means to increase the growth of facial hair. Because of the listed genetic "shortcomings", many find it difficult to create a certain form of a beard.

If you want to become the owner of a beard and mustache, but you have a problem of their absence or they grow slowly and unevenly, then you do not have to rush to find a solution. You have already found it - it's Minoxidil for a beard.

Scientific studies confirm that this substance has an extremely positive effect on hair growth.

Is Rogaine (Minoxidil) foam good and effective for beard growth?

Beard GrowthOne of the forms of products with minoxidil is foam in vials under pressure.

Although the foam is slightly more expensive than the lotion, it has a number of good advantages and is free from the drawbacks of the liquid form of Rogaine (minoxidil).

Rogaine Foam for beard is very good and effective and dries quickly, this is an important point if you wake up in the morning and hurry somewhere. Foam is perfect when you have either a short beard or bristles - it is easy to apply, it does not spread and does not flow down your cheeks.

Among other things, it smells very nice!

Unlike lotion, Rogaine foam or Kirkland foam does not contain propylene glycol, and therefore more gently affect the skin and less often cause irritation.

Is Minoxidil safe for beard?

Minoxidil is usually well tolerated and safe for the beard and face, but in rare cases it is observed: skin peeling, burning sensation, dermatitis. The first application may dryness, irritation or redness of the skin. But such cases, as a rule, disappear after a short period of time.

If itching or irritation of the skin is observed when using beard lotion, then you can try Rogaine Foam, it does not contain propylene glycol and treats your skin more gently and safely.

In case of allergy to Rogaine preparation, there may be edemas on the face, rhinitis, urticaria. In this variant it is necessary to stop its application.

The preparation Rogaine (Minoxidil) contains alcohol, for safety it is necessary to adhere to usual precautions:

1. Wash your hands after applying the drug to the skin of your beard;

2. Follow the instructions carefully, and follow the recommended dosages;

3. Keep minoxidil out of the reach of children;

How long does it take for minoxidil to work?

How long to wait for the result?

The first results from the work of Rogaine Foam can be seen already in the first month of application, however, in order to have a pronounced effect, it is necessary to wait until all the hairs come to the terminal stage, it may take several months.

The full course should be calculated for approximately 12 months, after which if you are satisfied with the result, it is possible to stop using the Minoxidil foam and not be afraid of the recoil syndrome.

Multiple examples of the successful use of minoxidil for a beard can be found mostly in English-language forums, where this practice is more common.

How to use Minoxidil for beard growth?

When using the minoxidil for beard growth, the procedure does not differ from that prescribed in the instructions for treating baldness.

1. Rogaine (Minoxidil) 5% is applied 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening, 1 gram of the drug (1 ml, if it is lotion, half of the cap, if it is foam) on dry skin in those places where it is desirable the appearance of new hair and acceleration of their growth.

2. You can wash yourself after 3-4 hours after application.

3. If you want to speed up the process, it is possible to handle problem areas with mesoroller.

4. Do not increase dosage, increase the frequency of admission or, without special reasons, increase the concentration of the drug! This will not speed up the achievement of the result, but will increase the likelihood of side effects.

Do I need to rub Minoxidil?

After applying the foam on the skin, it is recommended to stroke it with the pads of the fingers (lightly pressing) for 30 to 60 seconds. This will promote a faster and deeper penetration of the active substance, as a result of which the curative effect will be more pronounced.

Can I shave my beard while using minoxidil?

Shaving your beard does not hurt the effect of minoxidilYou can shave during the application of Rogaine foam for the growth of the beard, since the shaving process (any razor and any number of times) does not affect the therapeutic effect of minoxidil.

Moreover, if during the treatment to grow a long beard or bristles, when applying the drug, a certain part of the active substance will be retained in the hairs, not reaching the skin and hair follicle, which may slightly reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

At the same time, it is worth noting that washing your face or applying special gels or lotions to moisturize your skin after shaving can wash off minoxidil from the skin. That is why it is recommended to apply the product after shaving and performing all the procedures associated with it.

Is minoxidil beard growth permanent?

To ensure a permanent and sustainable result requires a long course of application of Minoxidil foam, at least 4-6 months. Premature termination of procedures can lead to the resumption of hair loss.

The time of the onset of the first results varies depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. More often than not, new fleecy hair appears within a month. In some cases, the rudiments of the beard have to wait a little longer.

In any case, if a man wants a beard not to crumble after stopping the use of Rogaine foam, you need to wait until the thin fleece hair is transformed into terminal hair. They should become dense and acquire a characteristic color. This period can last from 3 to 8 months. Some guys undergo an annual course to stabilize growth and hair formation.

Is an overdose of minoxidil?

With external application, a single application to the skin of any amount of the drug will not cause any adverse reactions.

With the prolonged use of too large doses of the drug, and if the minoxidil foam is applied too often (more than 2 times a day) to the skin, it is possible to develop hypertrichosis (hair growth in the area of the facial skin, where they normally should not grow). Also, allergic reactions may occur (peeling, dry skin, itching, redness, and so on).

Treatment consists in the cancellation of the drug. Taking too large a dose of minoxidil (more than 100 mg per day) inside can cause an excessive decrease in blood pressure, which will lead to disruption in the functioning of the cardiovascular system. This may be manifested by an increase in the heart rate, arrhythmias (a violation of the rhythm of the heartbeat), headaches or dizziness (as a result of a violation of the blood supply to the brain), and so on.

Treatment should be carried out in a hospital and includes the replenishment of the volume of circulating blood (by intravenous fluids) and the use of vasoconstrictive drugs (to increase blood pressure).

What is the best minoxidil on the market?

What is the best remedy with Minoxidil? How to choose?

Minoxidil is a substance that promotes hair restoration in androgenic alopecia. It improves blood circulation and at the same time improves nutrition of hair follicles. There are many drugs with minoxidil in the pharmaceutical market. Which minoxidil is better? Let's review each of them and compare.


Rogaine foam - one of the best remedy for hair regrowth on the market

Rogaine is a brand that normally takes the first positions in the market and appeared before others. This drug on the basis of minoxidil was first used to restore hair. Its effectiveness is confirmed by two hundred studies. This drug is used around the world, and this brand continues to inspire confidence for more than 30 years. Rogaine has the highest cost from the market. However, this has a positive effect on the effectiveness of the drug.

Top variants of the Rogaine, available for sale:

1. Rogaine 5% Foam for men (Hair restoration on the beard, treatment of alopecia on the head);

2. Rogaine 2% Foam for women;

3. Rogaine Lotion 2%. Since women are more susceptible to minoxidil, a 2% concentration is optimal for use by women;

4. Rogaine Lotion 5%. Designed for men.

The main advantage of foam is that it instantly dries, but lotion is more convenient to apply to long hair. It is this property of foam that makes it very convenient to use it for growing a beard.

How to Apply Minoxidil Foam for your Beard | Video Tutorial

Minoxidil (Rogaine 5%) for the beard - the First Results

According to the reviews of those people who have helped drugs with Minoxidil (Rogaine 5%) to grow a beautiful dense beard, the first results from the application of the remedy are visible after 2-3 months - even in men who have never been able to grow any noticeable vegetation on their face. First there are pushkovye hair, with the continued use of minoxidil fluff gradually turns into thicker, darker and longer hair.

Specialists and those men who achieved amazing results on beard growing using rogaine drugs argue that the maximum effect of using Minoxidil (Rogaine 5%) appears after six months of its regular use, but it must be understood that in different people the susceptibility to the active substance of the drug can be different. If you use Minoxidil (Rogaine 5%) for a beard, the results will be unambiguous - we do not know of cases when minoxidil was useless.

The main criterion for the drug to give the maximum effect is the stiffness of your stubble on the face. After this, you can begin to reduce the regularity of the use of minoxidil - in no case abruptly stop the course of minoxidil for the beard, since the bristles can simply fall out without getting the usual "make-up". How to properly complete the course of minoxidil for a beard? You can find out about this from the detailed instructions in the package.

I want to order Rogaine (minoxidil) Foam on the Internet. How to buy It?

Rogaine Foam - the newest unique means for hair restoration. The main component of the drug, minoxidil, is the only substance whose positive effect in the field of hair regeneration has been clinically proven and approved by the relevant state organizations of the USA and the European Union.

Order foam Rogaine online is very simple. Click on the banner link below and you can see the prices for this product. And also you can make a purchase quite safely and quickly!

If you are interested in the results of Minoxidil (Rogaine 5%), the photos of the beard "before" and "after" the use of drugs will be the best proof of their effectiveness.

Contraindications to the use of minoxidil

Minoxidil is considered a relatively safe drug. At the same time, there are a number of contraindications that limit its use.

It is forbidden to take minoxidil externally when:

1. In the presence of infectious and inflammatory processes in the application area. In this case, the application of minoxidil will stimulate microcirculation in the focus of the infection, which can promote the spread of infectious agents with blood flow throughout the body.

2. In the presence of burns on the skin. Do not apply the product to burned skin, as the resulting expansion of blood vessels will contribute to a more extensive and pronounced lesion of tissues.

3. In the presence of tumors in the area of application. Although minoxidil alone does not affect the growth or development of tumors (which has been proven by many studies), the improvement in microcirculation induced by it can promote the spread of tumor cells to other parts of the body (that is, the appearance of metastases).

4. In the presence of wounds or abrasions in the application area. The drug should be applied only to whole, undamaged skin. Otherwise, the active substance can be absorbed into the systemic bloodstream in excessively high concentrations, which can lead to the development of systemic effects (lowering blood pressure) or complications.

It is not recommended to take minoxidil inside with:

1. With low blood pressure. In this case, the expansion of the blood vessels caused by the drug can provoke an even greater reduction in pressure. A person can lose consciousness or even die.

2. With pheochromocytoma. This pathology is characterized by the formation of a tumor that is located in the adrenal glands (special glands of the human body) and releases a large amount of hormonal substances - adrenaline and norepinephrine. These substances provoke an increase in blood pressure, an increase in heart rate and other similar effects. Over time, the body adapts to the increased concentration of these hormones in the blood.

If minoxidil is administered at the same time, a marked decrease in blood pressure may occur, leading to complications.

3. With stenosis (narrowing) of the mitral valve. With this pathology, the process of pumping blood by the heart is broken because of the pronounced narrowing of the lumen of its valve, which separates one cavity of the heart muscle from the other.

If minoxidil is administered at the same time, a pronounced vasodilatation can trigger a critical reduction in blood pressure and development of heart failure.


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