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Rogaine Information

Rogaine Foam 5% for Hair Loss

Rogaine for facial hair - Instructions for use and description

Rogaine Foam 5% for hair loss(in the form of a foam of the American company Johnson & Johnson (USA) - a completely new drug on the market of anti-alopecia remedies. The drug appeared on the US market only recently - in September 2006 - and has already become the leader of demand in the brand line of Rogaine.

Foam form based on patented technology allows the drug to be absorbed much faster into the scalp and leave no traces on the hair. In addition, according to publications, it is reported that this form of Rogaine for facial hair can give better results than the traditional form of minoxidil.

Rogaine hair shedding: General information

The most famous trademark of the most famous manufacturer of drugs in the fight against alopecia was replenished with a new form. Rogaine Foam 5% (Rogaine hair shedding) is the first and only drug for restoring hair growth in the form of a foam, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The drug also contains 5% minoxidil, as well as previous versions of Rogaine 5%. Foam is easy to use, quickly dries, leaves no traces on the hair and does not drip off the scalp. The appearance of the drug in the form of foam has made hair care one of the simplest of the procedures for daily health care. Nobody wants this to take away part of the day from them. Now hair treatment will take less time than brushing your teeth!

Moreover, when using Rogaine Foam, you can do with the hair everything you used to do usually - wash them, lay them, paint them, etc. As soon as you give Rogaine foam a dry.

Rogaine 5% - Foam stimulates hair growth and stops their loss in cases where the fallout begins at the top (in men) and along the median parting - (in women). Hair growth, as a rule, begins 4 months after the daily application of the solution (the vial is designed for 30 days).

Rogaine for men: Application of the drug

- Remove the cap. To remove the cap, align the arrows on the cap with the arrows on the can and pull the cap up.

- Divide the hair into several chinks in the area of thinning / balding to maximize the skin.

- Foam may begin to melt immediately after contact with warm skin. Therefore, if your fingers are warm, rinse them first with cold water (then thoroughly wipe them dry before contact with foam).

- Flip the bottle with foam to the top at the bottom and press the nozzle to squeeze the foam onto your fingers. Apply twice a day the approximate volume of foam for one procedure - half the measuring cap (which closes the can of foam).

- Finger the foam evenly over the entire area of hair thinning and lightly soft massage movements rub foam into the scalp. Rinse well immediately after the procedure with hands water.

- After each use, put a cap on the bottle. This serves as a protection against the use of the bottle by children.


- Apply Rogaine on a dry head after bathing or wait about 4 hours after applying the drug before bathing. Do not let your head get wet in the rain earlier than 4 hours after applying Rogaine.

- The use of minoxidil can cause increased hair loss during the transition from the resting phase (telogen) to the hair growth phase (anagen), with old hair falling out and new ones growing in their place. This temporary phenomenon is usually observed after 2-6 weeks after the start of treatment and gradually stops within the next two weeks (the appearance of the first signs of the action of minoxidil).

How to buy Rogaine online?

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Rogaine for hair loss for men is available in two forms - lotion and foam. Immediately it is worth noting that the strength of stimulation of hair follicles in foam and Rogaine lotion (Rogaine 5% foam) is the same.

This means that whatever you choose, you will get the desired result (stop baldness). More information about the degrees of baldness, the structure and physiology of hair, you can find in the "Baldness symptoms".

What unites people?

One group of people is united by a favorite sport, the other is music, third cars, etc. And two thirds of the male population of the planet unites the problem of hair loss.

And a huge part of men starts to lose hair in 25-30 years of age. For many, baldness is not a problem or they carefully hide their attitude to this issue, but for the rest it is an uncomfortable topic.

Back in the 80s of the last century, a minoxidil preparation was developed and put on the market. Minoxidil is a hair growth stimulant. The founder in preparations on the basis of minoxidil is Rogaine 5 for hair loss, you can buy Rogaine in our online store.


Let's not forget about the hair, let's take care of them, and at the same time watch our health!
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