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What is the cause of hair loss in a child? Safe treatment and suitable gentle remedies

Causes of hair loss in childrenIn most cases, the problem of alopecia is encountered by people in adulthood, but often hair begins to drop out in children as well as infants and preschool children.

In comparison with adults, this process is more intense in infants. Most often, childish baldness is one of the serious symptoms of skin diseases or some disorders in the functioning of the body.

Therefore, in order not to allow complications, it is important that when the initial signs of this ailment arise it is necessary to contact an experienced doctor who will determine a competent course of treatment for hair loss.


Hair loss in children

Signs and causes of child baldness

What is the diagnosis?

The main types of treatment

Pharmacy and folk remedies

A course of treatment

Hair loss in a child

Hair can fall out in childrenHair can fall out in children of different ages - from several months to 10 years and older. In each case - their own individual reasons, which in no case can not be ignored.

Typically, for the first time, the baby's hair begins to fall out at the age of two or three months.

This is due to the fact that the hairs at this stage are too soft and do not hold fast enough in their follicular nests.

This phenomenon is absolutely normal and should not cause any concern to caring parents, because after a couple of months, the baby's head will have new hairs that will grow strong and healthy.

In three or four years, hair loss is due to the fact that the body of the child is the very first hormonal restructuring. At this age, this aesthetic problem is of a short-term nature, so there is no cause for concern.

At the age of 4-5 years, the baby can have a hair loss on the vertex and occiput. This is explained by the fact that the average life span of hairs in this area is just four or five years. During this period there is a natural change of hair.

ATTENTION! If at this age the child has hair loss throughout the entire contour of the face, it is recommended to consult a qualified doctor, since with the proper development the first change in the hair cover in this area occurs about three years.

the reason is stressful situationsSome babies are prone to loss of curls when they reach 6-8 years. In this case, if the child has strong hair loss, the reason is stressful situations related to the beginning of schooling - unusual surroundings, changing the daily routine, childish fears and lack of necessary communication skills.

As soon as the emotional tension subsides, and the child successfully adapts to the new conditions, the hairs will cease to fall out.

Most parents should be alert if signs of baldness appear in a child at the age of ten, because at this stage it has nothing to do with the natural hormonal changes.

The loss of curls in children who reached the age of ten can be caused by avitaminosis, hypothyroidism, anemia due to iron deficiency, and also by unbalanced nutrition.

Signs and causes of child baldness

If you find hair loss in a child, the reasons may be different. There are several important signs of abnormal pediatric alopecia, which need to be paid attention in time to take appropriate measures.

signs of abnormal pediatric alopecia1. Small children are often exposed to a widespread disease such as ringworm.

A characteristic feature of this ailment is the appearance of the bald spots, which look like round spots.

2. Sometimes children's alopecia can cause the development of rickets. This can happen in the event that a weak baby's body receives an insufficient amount of valuable nutrients.

To prevent a dangerous disease, it is recommended to enter into the diet all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

3. With hypothyroidism, that is, a reduced function of the thyroid gland, a violation of natural metabolic processes occurs in the child's body.

As a result, the quality of the hair follicle supply deteriorates, due to which the roots considerably weaken, and the hairs themselves begin to fall out.

4. The loss of curls in a child can be associated with traumas of hair bulbs caused by the use of uncomfortable and substandard combs, tightening excessively tight tails, and also with illiterate care of children's hair as a whole.

5. Sometimes the children develop nest alopecia, in which fairly large bald areas are accompanied by tubercles or dents appearing on the surface of the nail plates. These signs are very serious and require immediate treatment to a qualified doctor.

6. Considerable attention is required by telogenesis alopecia in children. In this case, the process of development of the hairs, consisting of several successive stages, is disturbed. At the final, telogen phase, instead of the old, literally fallen asleep hair from the follicle, a new one is not formed.

7. Another factor is considered to be trichotillomania - a special kind of emotional disorder, in which the child himself pulls out the hairs on his head. The correct way out of this situation will be a timely appeal to a qualified child psychologist.

8. Often, hair loss affects allergic children. In this case, the main irritant-allergen can be items of clothing from poor-quality synthetic fabric, some food products, detergents, etc.

So, what if the hair falls out in children? If you have any of these signs, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible to get valuable advice on proper treatment.

What is the diagnosis?

diagnose child alopeciaTo determine the correct course of treatment, it is important to timely diagnose child alopecia. To do this, refer to several specialists:

- children's dermatologist;

- trichologist;

- gastroenterologist;

- endocrinologist;

- neurologist.

All of these doctors must provide important professional advice on how to treat hair loss in children.

The process of diagnosing pediatric alopecia includes three mandatory procedures:

- trichogram;

- phototrichogram;

- computer diagnostics of the skin of the head.

IMPORTANT! In addition, the child should be given an analysis of feces for dysbiosis, and in some cases - to undergo ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity and thyroid gland.

The main types of treatment

In order for the treatment of alopecia in childhood to be most successful, it is necessary to take into account the main causes of this ailment. Moreover, the therapeutic process must be multilevel and combine several methods that complement each other.

As a general strengthening therapy for any kind of child alopecia prescribe a technique:

- complex of children's vitamins from hair loss - A, B1, B6, B12, C and E;

- immunomodulating preparations;

- pantothenic acid, phytin and methionine.

REFERENCE! If there are signs of total alopecia, the child may be prescribed hormone therapy, which should be done under the close supervision of the doctor.

Among the most effective methods of treatment of baldness, recommended to patients in childhood - such procedures as:

- darsonvalization of the scalp;

- massage;

- treatment of the centers of alopecia with beroxan, ammifurin, meladinin, and also other photosensitizing preparations;

- application of a laser comb;

- rubbing of vegetable tinctures.

effective methods of treatment of child baldnessAs you know, the children are not shown all the procedures that are suitable for adult patients.

Therefore among them it is necessary to choose the most safe and sparing.

As an addition to medical and physiotherapeutic treatment, a gentle massage of the scalp is recommended.

For maximum efficiency, this procedure can combine several techniques:

- stroking in the direction from the forehead to the occipital and temporal regions;

- soft pressing;

- rubbing of the entire scalp;

- easy tapping with soft fingertips.

It is recommended to perform such a massage for five to ten minutes a day. The procedure of D'arsonval (darsonvalization) involves exposure to the scalp of the child with weak pulse currents of high frequency and voltage. It is performed in the clinic, or at home using a special device. As a result, blood flow to the hair follicles is activated and the condition of the epithelium improves.

The use of a laser comb also leads to effective results. This device may look like a normal comb, or a brush whose teeth are arranged in several rows. The central part of it is equipped with special laser emitters, and on the outside or on the side there are buttons for activating and adjusting the vibration mode. The effect of the laser is very beneficial in the weakening and hair loss, dandruff, seborrhea, as well as circulatory disorders in the skin of the head.

ATTENTION! The use of a laser comb is contraindicated in children under 12 years of age. It is recommended to use it to treat hair loss from adolescents associated with hormonal changes.

Pharmacy and folk remedies

Pharmacy and folk remedies against a child hair lossThere are a lot of both pharmacy and folk remedies intended for the effective treatment of baldness in childhood. Experienced doctors in such cases recommend the following types of medications:

- pharmacy complexes of multivitamins from hair loss for children and minerals;

- drugs that have an immunomodelling effect;

- preparations of iron;

- medicinal products that promote the increase of photosensitivity of the skin.

Often prescribe a course of injections with preparations based on aloe and plant placenta, as well as the use of special creams containing steroids and accelerating the growth of new healthy hair.

And than to strengthen hair to the child from loss? In order to cure childish baldness with maximum effect and not cause the slightest harm, many caring parents prefer to use folk remedies based on safe herbal ingredients. Let's consider the most effective variants.

The simplest mask for hair loss for children is prepared on the basis of juices of black radish and aloe, as well as avocado oil. All the ingredients must be taken one teaspoonful and mixed thoroughly. The resulting medicinal mass is recommended to be applied to the baby's scalp during bathing, with gentle massage movements spreading from the roots along the entire length of the hair. After five minutes - thoroughly rinse with shampoo.

Very effective is the nut mask, which will require one teaspoon:

- Ground cedar nuts;

- almond oil;

- milk.

Nutrition gruel should be mixed with milk and infused for two hours. Then add the oil and mix thoroughly. Apply this mask for twenty minutes, then carefully washed off. It is also recommended that the mask is based on aloe. To cook it, you need to grind a few leaves of this plant and mix with one egg white. Hold on the children's hair for 15-20 minutes, and then wash off with a mild shampoo.

This is the most complete answer to the question: "What to do if your child's hair falls on his head?"

A course of treatment

child baldness remedies and proceduresDepending on the chosen remedies and procedures, the course of treatment of child alopecia can last from an average of one to three months.

If, for any reason, none of these methods are effective, immediate medical advice is required.

In tender childhood it is important to choose the safest options, not forgetting about precautions. Under no circumstances can you use essential oils in pure form, tar, extracts of hot pepper, mustard, and other components that can provoke irritation.

Hair loss in a child brings a lot of grief both to himself and his parents. However, if you start a timely treatment under the supervision of an experienced doctor, this problem will be defeated!


Let's not forget about the hair, let's take care of them, and at the same time watch our health!
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