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What should I do with hair loss

Everyone wants to have a lush, thick, healthy and beautiful head of hear, and this is logical. Another thing is that in recent decades, the problem of baldness, which now can touch absolutely anyone, regardless of gender and age, is becoming more widespread. As a rule, when hair falls out heavily, people try to find out what to do, on forums on the Internet, magazines, newspapers and stories of acquaintances. This is not quite a correct approach, because one can never be sure that the advice received will come from a real expert.

Even if you ask the forum what to do, when the hair falls out and you are answered by the person who solved this problem for yourself, there is no guarantee that his advice will help you, since baldness is in many ways an individual problem requiring a separate approach in each case. Hair falls out very much. What to do? First, you need to try to understand what is causing this, because the process itself never starts.

Causes of hair loss

Before thinking about what to do with a very strong hair loss, you need to find out the causes of nascent baldness. They can be very much, but the most common are the following:

- genetic predisposition;

- bad ecology;

- stresses and disorderly rhythm of life;

- frequent climate changes;

- hormonal failures (adolescent changes, pregnancy, menopause);

- Diseases (primarily, the gastrointestinal tract and thyroid gland);

- treatment (first of all, chemotherapy and hormonal drugs);

- vitamin deficiency due to an improper diet or for another reason; - age;

- improper hair care;

- Wrongly chosen means for hair care.

What should people do if they lose their hair very badly because of one of these reasons? Many people do not dare to consult a doctor for a long time, and therefore they start treating themselves with the help of folk recipes.

Folk recipes from hair loss

According to the recipes of folk medicine, we will give an answer to the question, what to do with a strong hair loss? If you immediately reject frankly harmful or guaranteed useless options, there is only one direction - broths. As a rule, various plants are brewed. The most useful are the turn, burdock, plantain, nettle, chamomile, mint and much more. In fact, all plants that popular rumor refers to the category of "elixirs", suitable for broths.

If you have hair fall out, what to do with these broths? Wash their head, and nothing more. Internal use is strictly not recommended. How it works? In these herbs contains many useful substances and so-called "beauty vitamins". By rubbing the decoction into the scalp, you contribute to its saturation with the necessary trace elements, which improves the nutrition of the hair follicles, which activate their work, better feeding the existing hair and more intensively growing new ones.

The hair began to fall out. What if the national recipes do not help? The same as it was necessary to do from the very beginning - to see a doctor.

Correct treatment of hair loss

If you notice that you have increased signs of baldness, do not waste too much time and think about what to do when hair falls out. It is necessary to immediately consult a doctor-trichologist. At a minimum, he will advise you and recommend ways to solve this problem. In more serious cases, the doctor will prescribe tests and identify a disease that leads to alopecia (baldness), and also can explain how to quickly and safely heal.

The hair began to drop strongly. What to do? What do doctors recommend most often? In some situations, full-fledged drug treatment is required. However, fortunately, they do not meet so often. In most cases, only better vitamin nutrition is required (the ration will be formed by a doctor), as well as the use of drugs designed to activate the follicle. In particular, these are minoxidil based products.

What if the color dries out after coloring? Again, however, it is recommended to consult a doctor who will recommend specific drugs and products. Substandard colors lead to a significant weakening of the head of hear, which will not be able to cope with very quickly. To eliminate the problem, the intake of special vitamins, as well as the use of professional restorative cosmetics, will not interfere.


Let's not forget about the hair, let's take care of them, and at the same time watch our health!
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