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What should you do for faster hair growth

faster hair growthWe all want hair to grow faster - especially this is important when you have not done the best haircut and want to grow your hair faster, or plan to cut damaged hair tips without sacrificing their length, or just dream of quickly getting the desired length of your head of hair. How to make hair growth faster? What is necessary to grow hair fast? This we will discuss in this article.

Slow hair growth can be associated with a variety of factors. Recent studies of scientists suggest that there is a gene responsible for hair growth - a gene for phospholipase. This enzyme produces bioactive lipids. Thus, each person's hair growth is related to genetics.

Of course, if in your family slow hair growth is the norm, then you will have to accept this situation. Of course, you can maintain hair with nutritious masks, indulge in their useful procedures and take care of their beauty, but you will hardly be able to speed up hair growth - this, unfortunately, is your genetics.

It also happens that the hair suddenly stopped growing - this can be seen, of course, not immediately. In this case, you need to analyze what has changed in your life, in nutrition or hair care. Perhaps you have suffered severe stress or are in a state of prolonged depression, started taking medication with side effects or just changed shampoo.

What to do for rapid hair growth - 5 simple tips

activate hair growth1. Analyze your diet. The foods you consume daily must contain vitamins A, E, B, C for the nutrition of hair follicles. Calcium, sulfur, zinc, copper, silicon - this is the list of the most essential micronutrients. Reduce the amount of alcohol and nicotine - they negatively affect the hair condition and their growth.

2. Improve the circulation of the skin on the head. To improve blood circulation, irritating masks are used - with onions, hot pepper, mustard. Apply them regularly, 2-3 times a week. Massage and self-massage of the scalp perfectly stimulates blood circulation.

3. Change the way of life. A healthy and active lifestyle is the best means for normal hair growth. Try to spend more time in the open air, sleep at least 7 hours a day. Moderate sports loads have a positive effect on metabolism, which means they will help your hair grow faster.

4. Care your hair properly. Use suitable hair type shampoos, balms or masks. Buy hair care products on a natural basis.

5. Use trusted drugs to activate hair growth. Preparations for hair growth based on minoxidil will help to activate hair growth and can solve even such complex problems as hair loss and alopecia.

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Let's not forget about the hair, let's take care of them, and at the same time watch our health!
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