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Why Do Some Girls Lose Their Hair?

Why does women's hair thin out?

For some reason, it is commonly believed that baldness is an exclusively age-related problem, or, in extreme cases, the side effect of chemotherapy or another, equally powerful treatment. In fact, this is not the case at all - baldness is typical for people of almost all ages, including very young girls. What causes hair loss on the head? Why sometimes intensive hair fallout begins before the onset of adulthood? You will learn about this by reading the text below.

The main causes of hair loss in young girls

hair loss in girlsAs a rule, without a preliminary examination of a trichologist, it is impossible to say with precision why the hair on the head of the girls falls out - in each individual case the problem is more or less individual. However, there are a number of the most common reasons for this to happen. This knowledge will at least roughly determine the problem yourself.

Let's look at why girls lose their hair, sometimes at a very young age:

1. Teenage hormonal reorganization. It is known that any serious changes in the hormonal background in the body inevitably negatively affect the health of the hair, and in the period when the child becomes a woman, much is changing in her body. In this case, this problem is temporary and even without special treatment, increased hair loss eventually stops.

2. Avitaminosis. As a rule, its cause is a craze for diets, and taken from the Internet, composed not by professionals, and it is not clear by whom. Remember: a diet is not a restriction of the ration of several products, but its reasonable composition. To eat always it is necessary so that the organism received all vitamins with microelements necessary for it. Otherwise, hair loss caused by a lack of useful substances entering the follicles, will be a problem, but not the most serious, which can lead to a rejection of normal nutrition.

3. Diseases. Diseases of the thyroid gland (a change in the hormonal background), the gastrointestinal tract, worms (deterioration in the intensity of nutrition of hair bulbs), as well as a number of other ailments have one of the symptoms of increased hair loss. And this is another important reason immediately to see a doctor immediately after the signs of baldness were noticed.

Knowing why the hair on your head falls out strongly, you can quickly find ways to solve this problem. The main thing - do not worry, because at a young age, this process is almost never irreversible.

What to do at the hair loss in girls?

The choice of methods of prevention and treatment depends mainly on why the girl's hair falls out strongly.

If this is a disease, you must first cure it. If avitaminosis - to establish a full-fledged diet. If teenage hormonal problems - according to the doctor's testimony you need to take drugs that smooth out their effect. But in any case it will be useful for hair loss to take other actions. In particular, no one will be prevented from taking special vitamins enriched with the substances most needed for the body.

It will not be superfluous and quality strengthening cosmetics, with the right selection has a pronounced health-improving effect primarily on the scalp, which affects the hair only positively.


Let's not forget about the hair, let's take care of them, and at the same time watch our health!
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